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The Children’s Learning Center is accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education.  Program accreditation is a process by which early care and education programs can significantly improve the quality of the services they provide. In this process, a program voluntarily pursues self-study, program improvement, and external program review in order to achieve and publicly confirm that it meets national or state quality standards. Program accreditation indicates that services have moved beyond licensing and regulatory requirements. Program accreditation standards represent the highest quality and reflect research-based best practices in early childhood education.

The benefits of accreditation are numerous: children benefit because their learning environments are exciting, positive, and growth-oriented; parents benefit because their young children are enrolled in stimulating learning environments that reflect the research and best practices of the field; local school systems benefit because accredited programs increase the chances for children to be better prepared to enter public school primary grades; the state benefits because it improves the quality of life for families with young children living in Maryland; and early care and education programs benefit because their services are publicly recognized as being of the highest caliber.