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Peer Mentor Leadership Academy for Student Support Services Overview

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Mission: Be a Leader…
Be a Peer Mentor

Our mission is to foster a network of support for students in our program. Mentors serve as peer support personnel for SSS participants and share program goals and responsibilities aimed at ensuring the retention of this cohort.
Simultaneously, we aim to develop leaders who will gain transferrable skills that will be useful as they transfer to four year institutions and/or the work force.


  • Aid in the academic, emotional and socio-cultural adjustment of SSS participants.
  • Actively involve upper-class students and faculty/staff in developing the maximum potential of SSS participants.
  • Plan and facilitate programs that provide (financial, academic, professional, and personal) resources to SSS participants.
  • Gain understanding & knowledge of the skills and techniques required for quality leadership.
  • Gain understanding & knowledge of relevant research, resources and issues in leadership.
  • Encourage mentors to demonstrate, model, and facilitate communication skills leaders are expected to acquire.
  • Manage and structure personal growth, task and goal achievement of a leader and the relationship skills required to sustain a sphere of influence.
  • Learn how to transfer skills acquired to other academic and professional leadership experiences.

election of Peer Mentors:

Prospective Peer Mentors will be required to participate in an interview with the Peer Mentor Coordinator and
Peer Mentors will be selected on the basis of excellent academic achievement and the ability to relate well to fellow students.

Peer Mentors will maintain a 3.0 grade point average or higher and earn an A or B in content area courses they are tutoring and must at least be of Sophomore status.  Two to three faculty references will be required to complete the selection process of Peer Mentors.

Program Operation:

Students requesting Peer Mentors will be assigned according to major and subject areas in which assistance is requested. Students will meet with their Peer Mentor one time weekly to work on the students’ area of need.

Study skills concepts will be incorporated into tutoring sessions. Peer tutoring sessions will be student-centered and developmental in nature. Peer Mentors will be assigned up to four students each semester and will work up to 8 hours each week, with the additional hours designated for training and Student Support Services
office assistance

Mentors will also be required to attend events, workshops, etc. with their mentees.
Mentors are expected to check in weekly with the Peer Mentor Coordinator and to keep brief session notes in a designated binder that will be reviewed at each meeting. A mid-term and end of the semester evaluation will be conducted to assess student and program progress.

Leadership Academy Components:

Diagram of academy components

Student Support Services Peer Mentor Application Form

For more information, please contact Brandon Bellamy (Peer Mentor Coordinator)
at or phone 443 518 4769.



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