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The Learning Assistance Center Registration Form to apply for a tutor helps us identify those students who may be eligible for our TRIO-SSS Program. To be eligible,  a student must fall into at least one of the following groups;

  • the student must be low-income (Pell eligible),
  • the student is a first-generation college student, meaning neither parent completed a bachelor’s degree and/or
  • the student has a documented disability.

Students who may be eligible are sent a letter in the mail and are asked to make an appointment to see an SSS counselor by calling our office at 443-518- 1300. Students who believe they are eligible may also self-refer to our office and ask to see a counselor for an Intake appointment.

The SSS counselor will complete an Intake form with the student and then forward the form and any needed support documents to the Director of the Student Support Services Program for review and final approval.

If accepted to the Program, the student will receive a confirmation letter from Student Support Services, welcoming them to the Program and encouraging them to see their assigned counselor for follow-up and with respect to any questions or concerns they have about school or the program.


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Debra Greene
Office: RCF340

Assistant Director/Counselor
Joan B. King

Office: RCF- 302

Assistant Director/Counselor
Graduation and Transfer

Brandon Bellamy

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Natalie Mangrum

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