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We’re delighted you are interested in finding out more about us and the services we offer.

About Us 

The Student Support Services Program (SSSP) is a program funded by a federal (TRIO) grant from the Department of Education in Washington, DC. In existence on Howard Community College’s campus since 1979, the program targets three populations of students with more intensive academic support services to increase their retention and the probability of their successful transfer  and/or completion of a degree or certificate program. The three populations of students served by the grant are:

1. Students who are considered low income by federal guidelines for income and family size;

2. First-generation college students (neither parent received a four-year ear degree), and;

3. Students with documented disabilities, for example, physical, psychiatric, or learning disabled; one-third of the students with disabilities in the SSSP must also be low income.

Students must meet at least one of the guidelines listed above to be eligible for Program services. The grant is funded to serve 225 students. Approximately 70 of the students served under the grant are students with documented disabilities.

3 Ss in Success

Services We Offer

The pursuit of a college degree or certificate can present new challenges to every college student. Moreover, each entering student brings their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.  How do I register for classes? How do I study? How do I choose a major or career path?  The goal of our program and the services we provide is to partner with each of our students to help them find their answers to those questions and also provide a comprehensive network of support services so that they can be successful in determining and completing their chosen goals. It is our desire for our students to complete their degree requirements for graduation and/or transfer within 4 years. Our services include:


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Adjusting to college and learning to navigate the campus involves understanding college policies and services, meeting new students, connecting with faculty and staff and managing personal finances in a whole new way. There are times when it’s a lot to handle on your own. Your Student Support Services Program counselor is someone who can make the process of adjusting faster and easier for you. Moreover, since your counselor is part of the larger network of Academic Support, Counseling & Career Services, they can also put other services at your fingertips. In short, your connection to us connects you to other campus services that can benefit you at HCC and help you troubleshoot any struggles you might encounter. Your counselor can help demystify things you don’t understand or work to find someone who can so that you don’t feel confused or lost. Learning to CONNECT, well, helps all students be more successful, so let us help you make it work.

Visit the How to Apply web-page and review our eligibility requirements to see if you fall into one or more of our three service populations. If you do, submit an application.

How to Apply for Student Support Services


Contact Us

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Debra Greene
Office: RCF340

Assistant Director/Counselor
Joan B. King

Office: RCF- 302

Assistant Director/Counselor
Graduation and Transfer

Brandon Bellamy

Office: RCF-302

Reading Specialist
Natalie Mangrum

Office: RCF-302

Office Manager
Linda Reed

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