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What Students Receiving Tutoring Should Do

When assigned a tutor, you should . . . 

Contact your tutor at 443-518-1320 if you cannot make a session.  This does not necessarily excuse repeated absences.

Remember after two (2) unexcused absences, we will need to use your scheduled time to help other students.  You may not be rescheduled due to the high demand for tutoring.

Leave children at home.  Although we think they are wonderful, the LAC is not an appropriate place for them.

Be on time for your session.  Make the most of the hour you have.  Your tutors cannot re-adjust their schedules repeatedly.

Be prepared for your session.  Bring appropriate materials.  Make sure you’ve done required reading and are familiar with assignment guidelines.

Expect a tutor to assist with an assignment.  Tutors are here to help you learn, so they will not do an assignment for you or give you the answers.

Discuss any problems with the tutor.  If there is an ongoing problem, please contact the tutor coordinator at 443-518-4789.

Remember your tutor is also scheduled with other students who have assigned times.  Please respect this and do not interrupt a session with another student unless the tutor is available for drop-in tutoring.

Avoid disruptive behavior.  The students in the LAC are working hard to be academically successful, and we appreciate your cooperation. Repeated offenses to the student code of conduct will result in dismissal from the LAC.

Please be courteous and respectful.  The LAC tutors are dedicated educators and want you to succeed.