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The HOWL is designed to offer you another venue of academic support for your written assignments at Howard Community College.

HOWL offers you the following:

  • Strategies and tips for improving your writing skills
  • Resources for content in your essays
  • Information clarifying your responsibilities as a student writer
  • Email responses with feedback on your writing

Caveat emptor
The Howl Online tutoring service will respond to you in a timely fashion, but we are not able to get back to you immediately regarding your paper.

Students should use ONLY HCC email while sending or receiving email from the HOWL.  External  emails are not sent through HOWL.

The tutors will strive to answer your questions within the maximum of 3 days, which means, that if you send in your paper on Friday afternoon, please do not expect an answer before Monday or at the latest Tuesday.

You may use the HOWL at any step in the writing process as long as you include an explanation of your assignment and purpose for writing.  Hopefully, you will find it a useful tool as you discover and create.

To offer suggestions or make comments, please contact:

                                         Debra Greene
                        Director of Academic Support Services 
                                   Phone 443-518 4101