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Grievance Procedure:

Students with disabilities who have complaints either regarding the physical accessibility of the campus or regarding the provision of an academic accommodation should follow these procedures.

1. Contact your DSS/SSSP counselor and make an appointment to discuss the complaint. Your DSS/SSSP counselor will work with you and your instructor (if appropriate) to try to resolve your issue.

2. If your complaint is regarding your DSS/SSSP counselor, contact the Directors of these programs,

•             Janice Marks, Associate Vice President of Student Development, 504/ADA Coordinator, 443-518-4617

•             Kathy McSweeney, Director of Disability Support Services, 443-518-1300

•             Debra Greene, Director of Student Support Services, 443-518-4822

3. If you have discussed your concern with accessibility of the campus and/or a particular course accommodation with your DSS or SSSP counselor and Director you feel it has not been adequately resolved, you need to put your concern in writing and direct it to Ms. Janice Marks, who is the 504/ADA Coordinator and the Associate Vice President for Student Development. She may be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at 443-518-4617.

4. If the complaint is regarding an academic issue (as opposed to an accommodation issue), you may be advised to follow the college’s Student Academic Complaint Procedures located in the Howard Community College Student Handbook.

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