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Procedures for Requesting Accommodations

The student is responsible for securing and issuing his or her accommodation memo(s) to their instructor(s) in a timely manner. Students may pick up their accommodation memo(s) on the first day of class at the Disability Support Services front desk located in RCF 302. Student must present a photo ID in order to receive his/her accommodation memo(s). This is to ensure confidentiality of your information.

Please be advised, accommodations are effective the day the instructor received the accommodation letter, accommodations are not retroactive. Please note the accommodation memo must be delivered as soon as possible, at the beginning of the semester. Some accommodations are time sensitive and may be delayed if you submit your accommodation memo to the instructor late.

In the event the student does not pick up the accommodation letter for the Fall or Spring semester the following will occur:

  • A letter is sent to the student stating their accommodation letter has not been picked and may not be generated for the next semester (if student does not contact their DSS/SSSP counselor)
  • If the student would like memos for the future, student will need to contact the DSS/SSSP office

Requesting or Ordering Books and Materials in Alternate Formats

For details on how to request books or material in alternate formats click on:   Request for Books/Materials in Alternate Formats

Using DSS Individual Proctoring Services (IPS)

  • As soon as the counselor determines that the student will need proctoring services for testing that are beyond what the test center can provide, the DSS or the SSSP office will notify the Individual Proctoring Service (IPS) by forwarding the student’s accommodation memo.
  • The DSS/SSSP counselor will check to see if the IPS coordinator is available for an immediate appointment and if so will walk the student over to the office. 
  • If the coordinator is not available immediately, an appointment will be scheduled at that time for a later date, and an appointment card will be given to the student.

Request for Interpreting Services

Requests for sign language interpreters for classes should be made at least two weeks in advance. Late requests may impact the availability of having an interpreter on the first day of class. If a student who is utilizing an interpreter needs to make a schedule change, that change should be reported immediately to the DSS. The office will make changes to the interpreting schedule in a timely manner.

Assistive Technology Information

Assistive Technology is available for Howard Community College students who are registered for credit classes and have documented physical or learning disabilities. Before the beginning of a school term, eligible students should contact the Disability Support Services office at 443-518-1300 to make an appointment to talk with a disability counselor. After talking with a counselor and determining what accommodations the student would need, the student should then contact Marie Hughes at 443-518-3266 to arrange for training on the appropriate technology available on campus. Some assistive computer programs may take time to learn how to use them, depending upon how computer literate the student is. It is best to learn to use assistive technology before starting classes. Basic computer instruction is also available through open entry courses offered in the Office Technology classroom. Occasionally, the Learning Assistance Center has an individual experienced with teaching basic computer skills available. If you are interested in using this individual, call the Learning Assistance Center at 443-518-1320 to make arrangements.


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