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Located below is a link to the online form for ordering books in alternate format. 
In order to qualify for this service, make sure

  • Your DSS counselor has approved “book in alternate format” as an accommodation for you.
  • You are registered for the class at Howard Community College.
  • You know your course number and section number for each course, i.e. MATH-070-L131.  Your course schedule should have this information.

You may order books before the beginning of the semester.  Check the Bookstore’s listing for information on books. 

DO NOT break shrink-wrapped books until after the first class

To order a book in alternate format, you will need the book’s

  • Title
  • Author or Authors
  • Publisher
  • Edition (If it is the 1st edition, it may not be listed)
  • Copyright date 
  • ISBN (prefer 13 digit number but will take 10 digit)

When you pick up the book in alternate form, you will need to have the book or proof of ownership.  The form asks for a telephone number or email address which will be used to notify you when your book is ready.  If you give us an email, you will also get a confirmation email for your request.  We take no responsibility for ensuring that you get these messages.  If you believe you have missed a message or would like to check on the status of your request, please stop by the Assistive Technology Office in RCF 345.

 Click this link to order book

If at any time, you need to cancel an order for a book in alternate format, please use this link:

Click this link to cancel request.

For more information about Disability Support Services please feel free to contact:

Kathy McSweeney at 443-518-4606; email:
Courtney Sales at 443-518-4139; email:
Ronni Uhland at 443-518-4656; email:

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