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Information for high school students
Information on how to apply for Disability Support Services
Documentation Guidelines


Information on how to apply for Disability Support Services

Apply to Howard Community College

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Meet with a Disability Support Services Counselor. Contact 443-518-1300 to schedule an appointment.

Documentation Guidelines

In order to be eligible for services, students need to bring in appropriate current documentation of their disability. Although an IEP or section 504 plan may help identify services that been effective in high school, it may not be considered sufficient documentation for postsecondary institution. Documentation should be prepared by a qualified professional.

1.  The documentation must include the qualified professional’s name, title, professional credentials and affiliation. 

2.  The documentation must reflect current symptoms and level of functioning.

3.  Documentation should include the following:

      Quantitative and qualitative information to support the diagnosis;

      Summary and interpretation of assessment instruments (clinical interviews, behavioral checklists, observations, etc.);

      Recommendations for prescriptive treatment, including medication;

      Recommendations for academic accommodations; and

      Evaluation as to if there is any possibility of a dual diagnosis.

4.   A 504 plan or an individualized educational plan (IEP) may not constitute sufficient documentation but may be submitted along with a medical or clinical evaluation. IEP and 504 plans provide limited information; DSS prefer that students submit medical /diagnostic information, if possible..

5. Alternatively, the verification forms at the following links may be completed by the appropriate professional.

                                   Disability Verification - ADHD  

                                   Disability Verification - Medical Physical

                                   Disability Verification - Psychological Disorder

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