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What You Need to Do to Receive Academic Accommodations at HCC

  • Make an appointment to see a Disability Support Counselor by calling (443) 518-1300 or
    by making the appointment at the reception desk in RCF 302
  • Submit appropriate documentation to the DSS office.
  • Sign an accommodation contract with a DSS counselor. 
  • Pick up accommodation memos from the front desk (RCF 302) on the first day of class. 
    No appointment is needed.  Bring a photo i.d.
  • Give one memo to each of your instructors.
  • Ask your instructors if they have any questions about your accommodations. 
    You may do this by e-mail (listed on the course syllabus) or in-person. 
    Be sure to tell your instructor that he/she can contact the DSS office for assistance.
  • Contact your DSS counselor if you need assistance.  We want to help, so please ask!


1) If you have not signed an accommodation contract, you do not have any accommodations in place with the college.

2) If you do not give your accommodation memo to your instructor, he/she will not be aware of your accommodation needs.

The DSS office does not contact instructors at the beginning of the semesters to inform them of students who have identified to the DSS office. That is the purpose of the accommodation memo which is why you MUST give it to your instructors in a timely fashion.

Disability Support  ServicesRCF 302
Phone: 443-518-1300 for an appointmentFax: 443-518-4276
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Evening hours available by appointment 

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