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This listing is for informational purposes only.  Please note that Howard Community College does not endorse any of the scholarships, resources or websites listed.  If you know of additional resources to be added to this listing, please call Disability Support Services at 443-518-1300.

  • The HCC financial aid site ( is a good place to start looking for financial aid resources.  The site references both need based and merit (non-need based) scholarships.  It also lists application tips, a list of links to additional resources, and tips for avoiding scholarship scams.  Interested persons may wish to also contact the financial aid office directly at 443-518-1260. 
  • The “Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid” website ( has information about financial aid for students with disabilities.  It has a listing of publications, books and scholarships.  Additionally, it has a listing of scholarships exclusively for students with learning disabilities.
  • The Heath Resource Center publishes a yearly financial aid resource guide. The 2006 edition contains completely updated and revised information to help individuals with disabilities to seek and obtain financial assistance for postsecondary education. The guide describes federal financial aid programs, state vocational rehabilitation services, and regional and local sources. A listing of nationally awarded grants and a pre-college checklist to organize the search for funds complete the guide:
  • The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet, (ICDRI), has collected some resources to assist parents of students with disabilities and the students themselves:
  • LDOnline,, has an excellent publication titled, “Students with Learning Disabilities and the Search for Financial Aid: A Discussion of Options and Resources.”  In this document, the following web sites are listed as containing widely used scholarship databases that students can search for free:  

The College Board




SRN Express

  • The Oklahoma Association on Higher Education and Disability, OKAHEAD, maintains a listing of national and local scholarships for individuals with specific disabilities such as: deafness/hardness of hearing, learning disabilities, visual impairments and physical impairments.  Visit their website at
  • PARENTS, Inc. is the Parent Training and Information project for Alaska:  They have compiled a listing of financial aid resources where a primary criteria is that the student has a disability.

The University of Washington’s DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) site has a listing of financial aid programs including federal and state programs.  The listing references sometimes over-looked groups for potential scholarships such as employers, religious organizations and social groups.

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