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Counseling and Career Services at HCC

Academic/Disability Support Services at HCC - (443) 518-1300

  • Support for accommodations services on campus
  • Transfer support to 4 year colleges
  • Learning Assistance Center – Tutoring
  • Academic advisement within the student's major
  • Referral to community resources that may facilitate additional training

Community Resources

  • Humanim - Job Development Coordinator, 410-381-0227
  • DORS – MD Dept. of Rehabilitation Services, 1-888-554-0334 or
  • National Business and Disability Council: A national corporate resource for hiring, working with, and marketing to people with disabilities.
    Has an online resume database and placement Office: 1-800-839-6163. Or

Online Resources 

Other Useful Information


Student Profile - Maribel