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It is important to note that according to the college's nondiscriminatory policy, applying students do not have to inform the college that they have a disability. However, it is to the student’s advantage to inform college personnel as quickly and as completely as possible.  By law, the college is required to provide any reasonable accommodations that may be necessary in order for the student with disabilities to have equal access to educational opportunities and services.  If these accommodations are not requested, the college is not legally obligated to provide them.  Therefore, it is the student's responsibility to identify him/herself to the Disability Support Services Office and to  provide adequate documentation of his/her disability prior to accommodations being received.  It is also important that parents understand that they cannot arrange accommodations for their children at the post-secondary level.  The student must request and consent to the services provided.

Documentation of the student's disability is to be provided to the Disability Services office. Students who meet the eligibility guidelines for the Student Support Services guidelines will be referred to the SSSP office as openings for new program participants become available. Documentation submitted to either the Disability Support Services Office or the Student Support Services Office is kept in confidential files and is kept separate from other college records. Records in each office will remain confidential unless the student signs a written release form.  When requesting accommodations from your college instructors, it is NOT necessary to provide them with copies of your documentation. If an instructor needs to confirm your need for accommodations, ask them to call Disability Services or Student Support Services at 443-518-1300.  The accommodations required by students may differ, depending on the nature of the student's disability.

Because of the difficulty in finding sign language interpreters, students who are deaf and are in need of sign language interpreters must notify Disability Support Services minimum of two weeks prior to classes.  To be better prepared to meet your need for a sign language interpreter, we strongly encourage you to allow us to assist you with the selection of your courses and suggest you register early.

How to apply for assistance/accommodations

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