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The College carries a supplemental health insurance plan in which the  student-athlete/family is still responsible for payment of the $250.00 deductable. All documents must be completed in full. A portion of the document must be completed by officials in the athletic department and parents.  Be sure to make copies of all bills and make sure the physicians receive the NACDA information included in the following documents. This insurance is to be used not in lieu of your regular insurance but as supplemental if needed. If the student- athlete/family does not carry insurance, consider buying insurance and utilize this insurance in the meantime.  In addition to these documents, you need to obtain the medical history sheet and information from your physical from our athletic trainer.  Additional copies are located in the main  athletic office and the office of the trainer. Please print and complete the forms below as necessary.  Once complete the information needs to be brought or mailed to:

Larraine Beegle N-102
Human Resources
Howard Community College
443 518 3809

Please note that any trips to the hospital from athletic activities in a practice and game should be reported within 24 hours to your trainer and AD. You will  need to be seen by the trainer the next day and are not cleared to play unless a note is given to the trainer from the physician and seen by the trainer.

Parent's Insurance Form
College Accident Claim Form
HIPAA Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Information Form