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Boys / Girls Basketball 

Boys / Girls Basketball CampBoys and girls of all skill levels are welcome to develop and practice fundamental skills and techniques necessary for the game of basketball. This camp will focus on improving fundamental skills that are crucial to basketball. There will be daily work with ball handling, shooting, passing, moving without the ball, defense, and team concepts. Each camper will receive individualized instruction, and will leave camp with a report card and suggestions for what they should work on to take their game to the next level. Coach Mike

Each day there will be a guest speaker who will spend time talking and demonstrating a particular skill. Last year's guest speakers included: Pat Clatchy (Mt. St. Josephs, Head Coach); Kevin Quinlan (Glenelg Country School, Head Coach); Sean Mosley (UMD Terrapin Captain); Kyle Harmon (X-Factor Sports Training, Owner); and Chris Harney (St. Mary's College of Maryland, Head Coach). This year there will be an even bigger surprise guest speaker!

Sessions will be run by HCC basketball coaches and players.

For additional information, call (443) 518-4671.

Ages: 7 - 16

July 7 -  July 11      9 am - 3 pm 
July 14 - July 18     9 am - 3 pm
July 21 - July 25     9 am - 3 pm

Fee: $200 per week ($25 admin/cancellation fee)  

Howard Dragons Boys Lacrosse

The Howard Dragons Boys Lacrosse Camp will strive to provide the very best instructional environment within a competitive atmosphere. The camper will learn "how to play" lacrosse correctly. The camper will learn why "fundamentals" equals success.

At the Howard Dragons Boys Lacrosse Camp our coaches will not simply "roll out the ball" and let the kids play. We will teach and coach the boys how to play correctly first and foremost. It is our belief that knowledge and confidence is absolutely necessary before full team competitions.

Campers will gain insight and understanding on individual play, position and responsibilities, and shown how each correlates to team play and team success. We will cover stick skills, stick protection, checks, shooting, dodging, transition, and playing without the ball.

In addition campers will be instructed in team offensive and defensive strategy and techniques.

The camp will be run by HCC Head Coach Erik Foust. He was a two time US Lacrosse Coach of the Year (2003 - 2007), and coached three High School All-Americans and two NCAA All-Americans. Coach Foust is a Howard County Public School Physical Education teacher. For additional information please contact Coach Foust at or (410) 504-7916.

June 30 - July 3
Ages 7 - 13       8:30 am - 12 noon 
Ages 14 - 17    1 pm - 4:30 pm

Fee: $90 per session ($25 admin/cancellation fee)