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Need space for practice or an event? We can help.

The facilities at the Athletic and Fitness Center are available for use depending upon schedule availability. The center is available for athletic contests and limited practices. The center and facilities can also be made available for a special event upon approval by the center manager or on an event-by-event basis. If you are interested in utilizing any of our facilities or have questions concerning usage, please contact Mr. Steve Musselman at or call 443-518-4626 for details.

Available Facilities

* Athletic Fields: Available for match play only. There are five soccer-length regulation fields.

Current Availability Status: Athletic fields are closed through April 2015

Pool: The pool is a 6 lane / 25 yard pool with water temperature maintained at 84 degrees. There is limited time available on the weekends. The facility is ADA handicap accessible with new tiles throughout the interior and exterior. It is newly remodeled with improved ladder and steps for easier entry and exit.

Current Availability Status: Pool is booked through May 2015

Gym: The gym is 110 by 110 sq. feet, comprised of one main basketball floor and one main volleyball floor. The facility can accommodate two side courts for basketball (4 baskets) and volleyball (2 courts). We have hosted basketball events and USAV tournaments for volleyball. The gym will be available for athletic events only. 

Current Availability Status: Gym is booked through April 2015


Gym: $80 per hour.

Field: $45 per hour per field. Field #1 is $50 per hour. There is a two–hour minimum.

Turf Field: $125 per hour and usage is limited for outside groups.

Pool: $65 per hour. There is an additional charge of $10 per lifeguard per hour for swimming activities during the week and $12 on the weekends. There is a two-guard minimum for swimming activities.

Based on the type of activity, additional charges such as housekeeping, security, and engineering and game staffing may be applied. These will be included in the estimate with the application. Staffing for the event is $25 / hour during the week and $30 / hour on weekends. If the event also has concessions, a one time charge of $50 per day is charged for indoor and $100 - $200 per day per event for outdoor use.

A certificate of insurance is required of all requestors that use college’s facilities. The college and the Howard County Government must be named as additional insured.

You will need to visit the office at the Athletic and Fitness Center to pick up your application. Once the application is received with the certificate of insurance, please allow three to four weeks for processing.