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The Athletic and Fitness Center is available for use for those who possess proper identification:

1. Valid HCC Student ID: The ID must be validated for the current semester.


2. Center Pass: A Center Pass may be purchased by those who are not Howard Community College students.

3. Pass Rates: Daily: $7; Monthly: $40; Six (6) Months: $140. Passes can be purchased at the Cashier's Window
located by Admissions and Registration. After the fee is paid, bring the receipt to the Athletic and Fitness Center
lobby desk to receive the pass.

4. Valid HCC Faculty/Staff ID: These may be obtained through Security or your Division Office.
Please carry your ID or Center Pass with you. You must show it to access the Center.

5. Alumni - Purchasing Discounted Passes: Alumni cards can be purchased at the Development Office (MH102)
for $30. To be designated as alumni, former students must have taken a minimum of 30 credits at HCC.
Take alumni card to the cashier's office to receive discounts for the following facility passes:

1 month: $30 
6 months: $115  

Please use the Main/Front doors for entrance to the Center. The side door is for handicapped accessible use only. 

All users must sign in legibly at the front lobby desk


Those who use the A&F Center facilities should become familiar and comply with the following
applicable policies:



* Current college ID needed for sign-in and ball checkout.
* Instructional equipment in gym is for class use only.
* Use of the gymnasium is prohibited during class time or team practices.
* Only athletic footwear is permitted on the court (unless otherwise instructed by a professor for a class).
* Use of profanity or aggressive behavior/offensive language will not be tolerated.

* Food and drinks are prohibited. Water only is allowed in closed containers.

* Shirts must be worn at all times.

* No spitting.

* No gum chewing.
PoolPool 2  
   Enter the water only if there is a lifeguard in the guard chair.

   * Regular swimwear is required. No cut-offs, athletic shorts, or tops. 

   * Patrons with open wounds, sores, or skin infection are not permitted in the pool.
   * No shoes on the deck. Sandals and flip flops are acceptable.

   * Running is prohibited on the deck.

   * Diving is prohibited from the sides or shallow end of the pool. Dive only at the deep end.

   * Use of aquafit equipment or a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) is prohibited.
      (This equipment is for class use only).

   * Spitting of water or any other unsanitary acts is prohibited.

   * Loitering or visiting in the pool area is not allowed.

   * Talking to the "on duty" guards is not allowed.

   * Patrons are not permitted in the lifeguard area.

   * No food in the pool area. (Guards keep food in the lifeguard area).

   * Whistle Signals
         1. One short blast: Guard point to specific patron.
         2. One long blast: Clears or reopens pool.
         3. Three long blasts: Emergency, clear the pool.
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Weight Room 2Weight Room 3


*Use of the weight room and the Athletic and Fitness Center is at your own risk.
*Use of the weight room and the Athletic and Fitness Center is at your own risk.

* Ages 16 and older only permitted in weight room.

* Open-toe shoes or bare feet are not permitted in weight room; only athletic footwear permitted.

* Backpacks, bags, coats, or jackets are not permitted in the weight room at any time.
   Please make use of the lockers outside the weight room or in the general locker
   rooms for these items.

* Do not slam or drop the weight stacks at any time.

* All weights/dumbells must be returned to their proper places (5-30 lbs to the weight-tree and 35+ to the rack).

* Spotters are strongly recommended for free weights/heavy lifting.

* Report any weight room related injury or facility equipment malfunctions to the Fitness Supervisor or
   Tech on duty.

* Ask the Fitness Supervisor for instructions if unsure of proper use of equipment.

* Weights or equipment must remain in the weight room.
* See the Tech on duty for any channel or volume adjustments to the TV.

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