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What is the Dream Team?

The Dream Team is a group of interested faculty and staff who volunteer to support Student-Athletes, Coaches, and the Athletic Department.  Members serve as a resources and offer services such as tutoring, advising, mentoring, outreach to parents and players, developing team building activities, academic testing support, and much more.

The Dream Team Members

We have Major League and Minor League Players on the Dream Team.  Major League players are very active and offer a number of resources.  Minor League players volunteer their services on a limited basis.  All members are eager to assist Student-Athletes and Coaches.  Click on the member below for a detailed description of services offered.

Major League PlayersMinor League Players
Jenny PennimanJay Coughlin
Jenna FletcherGreg Macphee
Angela PhilipsJacquie Dzubak
John SiebsAndre Wright
Cindy NicodemusNarinder Sharma
Buck SetterKathy McSweeney
Christi EwingKate Seagroves
Patti TurnerChristy Thomson
Diane SchumacherSarah Simon

Need a service or support and aren't sure who to contact? Send Jenna Fletcher an email at  We will find a Dream Team member to help meet your needs.

Dream Team Involvement

Dream Team members have been involved in a number of activities on campus.  Below are just a few examples of Dream Team member involvement.

  • Volunteered at the Spring 2013 Track Invitational
  • Offered academic tutoring in Math and Science
  • Worked one-on-one with Student-Athletes to improve time management and study skills
  • Helped develop academic plans
  • Volunteered at the Think Pink fundraiser
  • Adopted individual sports teams to serve as mentor and supporter
  • Helped promote teams by working with students to get the word out about sporting events
  • Developed a missed class policy for students missing class for Athletic games and tournaments

Interested in joining the Dream Team?

Faculty and staff members interested in joining the Dream Team are encouraged to contact Jenna Fletcher at Get involved.  Make a difference!