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HCC Main Campus
10901 Little Patuxent Parkway
Columbia MD, 21044
Laurel College Center
312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 205
Laurel, MD 20707
Gateway Business Training Center
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia MD, 21046
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Beginning French

Parlez français! Acquire the grammar and conversational skills needed to speak French at a beginning level. Learn to use vocabulary necessary in daily conversation, answer simple questions, and write simple sentences in the present tense. Instructor: Eugene Speck. (T)

Tuition: $149 (includes $40 in fees*)
Mon, Wed Jun 25-Jul 23 6:30PM-9PM Hickory Ridge XI-331 6853 #9751
No class Jul 4
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Beginning German

Become acquainted with the German people through their native tongue. Learn the German phonetic system, alphabet, pronunciation and basic everyday vocabulary. The present tense of verbs and how to form questions, statements and imperatives are also taught. Instructor Myrna Pigo. (T)

Tuition: $149 (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu May 10-Jun 28 6:30PM-9PM Wilde Lake High School XI-471 6385 #9862
Please note that the last 3 classes being held in the Hickory Ridge Building at HCC.
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Beginning Spanish

Learn the fundamentals of the language. Start with the alphabet and simple grammar and progress to writing basic sentences and using basic pronunciation correctly. Practice conversation and engage in small dialogues as you increase your Spanish vocabulary. The text, Spanish is Fun, Book 1 is used for all beginning Spanish levels as is the companion workbook. Please bring your text to the first class. Instructor Brittany Hopkins.

Tuition: $149 (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue, Thu Jun 19-Jul 17 6:30PM-9PM Duncan Hall XI-330 6444 #9750
No class Jun 26
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Beginning Spanish II

This class is the second step in the Beginning Spanish series. Instruction focuses on possessive adjectives, weather expressions, months of the year and days of the week. Students will also practice their writing and conversation skills. This class is for students able to use the present tense of regular ‘ar,’ ‘er,’ and ‘ir’ verbs as well as the verbs ‘ser’ and ‘estar.’ The book, Spanish Is Fun Book 1, will be used.

Tuition: $149 (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu Apr 19-Jun 07 6:30PM-9PM Wilde Lake High School XI-362 6489 #8112
Instructor: Brittany Hopkins
Mon, Wed Jun 25-Jul 23 6:30PM-9PM Duncan Hall XI-362 6257 #0371
No class Jul 4. Instructor Cristina MacConnell is a native speaker.
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