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Arts, Crafts & Photography


Abstract Collage II: The Remix
Rev up your collage experience with an expanded repertoire of materials and techniques. Work on wood or canvas as supports, with an assortment of gels and household materials such as aluminum foil, spackle and hardware to create dimension and enhanced patterns. Explore alternative methods of attaching objects and materials, as well as methods for image transfers. Assorted papers and recycled art materials will be the starting point for these adventures. The following supplies should be brought to class: scissors, Exacto knife, small jar of heavy gel (gloss or white), 8 oz. bottle of gloss medium and varnish, 4” Speedball brayer with removable roller, four to six any size color or b/w photographs, any favorite collage papers, old watercolor or acrylic paintings on paper and two 8x11” canvas mats. Estimated cost of supplies is $10. Instructor: Sharon Robinson.
Tuition: $79** (includes $60 in fees*)
Sat Jun 16-Jun 23 10AM-1PM Laurel College Center XE-418 J1627 #9296
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Classical Drawing

This course is a study of the technical, realistic skills of drawing. It is suitable for beginner to intermediate levels. Upon completing the class, you will be able to center a composition, render objects reasonably in proportion and perspective, and execute the four elements of shading. With still-life as the subject matter and graphite pencils as the media, you will learn how to begin and complete a large finished drawing. The first class is devoted to a detailed lecture, with examples, of the entire drawing process from development to review. Instructor Jennifer Littleton is a graduate of MICA, experienced teacher, founder of the Littleton School of Art, and member of the Charcoal Club of Baltimore. A supply list will be provided and discussed as well. Note: Cost of supplies estimated at $50. Enroll early, class size is limited to 10.

Tuition: $159** (includes $40 in fees*)
Tue Apr 24-May 29 6:30PM-9PM Wilde Lake High School XE-155 6416 #8054
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Digital Camera Basics Workshop

Start from the very beginning! Learn digital camera operation, photographic principles and get some hands-on experience with your camera. Lunch will include a discussion of basic composition principles. Bring your digital camera (charged or with fresh batteries), its manual and a bag lunch to class. Instructor: Walter Calahan. Enroll early. Class size limited to 12.

Tuition: $99** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat May 05-May 12 9:30AM-2:30PM Horowitz Arts Center 115 XE-448 6341 #8066
Sat Jul 14-Jul 21 9:30AM-2:30PM Duncan Hall XE-448 6473 #0075
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Foundations of Watercolor Painting

Jennifer Littleton, founder of the Littleton School of Art, international award-winning water-colorist, exhibitor with the AWS and NWS and MICA graduate, will guide you through an intensive study of realistic watercolor. The first class is devoted to a detailed lecture, with examples, of the entire painting process from development to review. A supply list will be provided and discussed. In the following weeks, through discussion, demonstration and practice, you will learn to render a detailed line drawing, transfer it to watercolor paper, and practice flat washes with flat and round brushes. You will create one monochromatic painting. Materials list will be distributed at the first class. Enroll early, class size limited. Note: Cost of supplies estimated at $100.

Tuition: $159** (includes $40 in fees*)
Wed Apr 18-May 23 6:30PM-9PM Horowitz Arts Center 225 XE-224 6418 #8056
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Knotty Borders and Strings for Zentangle Art *NEW!*
Discover beautiful 3-D borders for use with your Zentangle® inspired art. Through the use of woven lines, create knotty frames and strings to enhance your art work. Learn how to add balance to your tiles and expand your shading techniques. Bring your Zentangle basic kit. Prerequisite course: Zentangle: Inspired Art.
Tuition: $58** (includes $43 in fees*)
Wed Jul 11 6:30PM-9PM Hickory Ridge XE-439 6112 #9957
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Sarah Matthews, a Corcoran School of Arts and Design graduate from George Washington University, offers a hands-on class in printmaking. You will have the opportunity to create richly layered surfaces over several press runs using Sintra relief plates, along with chine collé and various textured materials in the printing process. This class is open to students of all experience levels.

Note: Cost of supplies estimated at $35. Materials list will be distributed and reviewed the first night of class.

Tuition: $99** (includes $45 in fees*)
Thu Apr 19-May 24 6:30PM-8PM Wilde Lake High School XE-534 6332 #8074
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Sewing: The Sample Book

Take your sewing skills to the next level with this new course. Fashion designer Venus Khosravani will assist you in creating a sewing sample book. You will learn and practice a variety of stitches and finishing techniques for different types of fabrics. Learn how to put in a zipper, a sleeve, close a dart and insert pockets. Just bring your portable sewing machine and become an expert in using its advanced features. Note: Cost of supplies estimated to be an additional $35.

Tuition: $139** (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu Apr 19-May 31 6:30PM-8:30PM Wilde Lake High School XE-477 6148 #9825
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Zentangle Art Appreciation: Katsushika Hokusai *NEW*
18th century Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai created his works on woodblock. You may be familiar with The Great Wave, Hibiscus and Sparrow and Fine Wind, Clear Morning. Explore his artistry as you create new, colorful styles of tangles. Using renaissance tiles, you will learn enhanced shading and highlighting techniques. Join instructor Julie Allison in this fun and relaxing course. Prerequisite: Zentangle Workshop. Bring your zentangle kit to class with you.
Tuition: $68** (includes $55 in fees*)
Wed May 23 6:30PM-9PM Oakland Mills High School XE-365 6216 #8812
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Zentangle With Gems *NEW!*
Add color to your Zentangle® inspired art! Learn to create beautiful, jewel-like gems using colored pencils. Enhance gems with tangled borders to create metalwork-effect mountings for luster-filled gems! Learn how to add gems to our traditional Zentangle tiles to add pizzazz! Bring your Zentangle basic kit. Prerequisite course: Zentangle: Inspired Art.
Tuition: 70** (includes $55 in fees*)
Wed Jul 18 6:30PM-9PM Hickory Ridge XE-454 6110 #9956
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