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Wellness: Body, Mind & Soul


Connect With Your Angels
This class will guide you in connecting with your angels to receive messages. There will be a guided meditation and several powerful exercises to assist you in expanding your abilities. Instructor: Gena Wilson, LCSW.
Tuition: $25** (fee based, no waivers)
Tue Nov 15 7PM-9PM Laurel College Center XE-664 M1632 #1722
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Cultivating Compassion for Yourself and Others *NEW!*
You know the saying, “You can’t love others unless you love yourself.” Learn how to orient your mind towards loving kindness, compassion and equanimity. The class will include short talks, guided meditations and small group discussions designed to increase your understanding of these concepts. These are powerful tools to reduce greed, anger and pride by opening your heart to greater amounts of love for all beings —most importantly, to yourself. Instructor: Jerry Hartman
Tuition: $59** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat Nov 05 10AM-4PM Laurel College Center XE-398 J1698 #1787
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Develop Your Psychic Ability
Psychic development—or could it be called “intuitive development?” Come to this class and discover your intuitive gifts. Learn how messages are received, as well as the meaning of divination tools and their uses. Get connected to the universal energy stream through guided meditation and energy work. Feel free to bring your cards or other divination tools to class for demonstration and practice.
Tuition: $25** (fee based, no waivers)
Tue Oct 04 7PM-9PM Laurel College Center XE-411 M1630 #1720
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Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes
Are you stressed out? Overworked? Would you like to be Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes? Come learn the secrets, get the theories, and even try several exercises that will change your routine forever in this interactive combination lecture and workout class. Learn secrets from the international modelingindustry to be slim and trim and have fabulous skin. You can learn to sneak in exercise at the gym or at the office so you NEVER have to diet. Learn the benefits of these amazing secrets and how they can battle stubborn health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol and osteoporosis; relieve joint aches and arthritis; even balance hormones and brain activity so you can think more clearly and get more done at work. All these topics will be covered, in addition to an extended question and answer period.
Tuition: $35** (fee based, no waivers)
Thu Sep 15 6:30PM-9:30PM Laurel College Center XE-481 M1627 #1717
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Food Myths: Navigating the Complex World of Nutrition
This course is designed to help you wade through and interpret the ever-changing, often conflicting world of nutrition and dietary theory. Key topics discussed will be gluten free diets, dairy, sugar, artificial ingredients, and grain-based diets. You will leave this course with a broader understanding of nutritional theory and greater confidence in choosing what foods and ways of eating might work best for you. Instructor Erin Nelson is a certified integrative health and nutrition coach and a personal chef with a private practice in Howard County.
Tuition: $40** (fee based, no waivers)
Mon Sep 19 7PM-8:30PM Oakland Mills High School XE-248 6271 #8971
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Gentle Yoga *NEW!*
Gentle Yoga is designed for those of us who feel we are too stiff, too out of shape, not the right shape or too old to start something new. Through creativity and compassion, you will learn to work with the body, not against it. Our bodies need to stretch and strengthen to find balance and ease, feel energized and relaxed, to be trusted and appreciated. Join in this exploration of new possibilities. Bring a blanket or yoga mat to class. Instructor: Helen Heffer.
Tuition: $160** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat Sep 24-Dec 03 10:30AM-12:30PM HVPA XE-419 6059 #2081
(No class Nov 26)
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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness meditation works by helping the practitioner achieve a better understanding of what is happening right now—whether positive, negative or neutral—not what they want to happen or what think they should be happening. Recognizing that unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors can undermine emotional, physical and spiritual health, you will learn techniques to reduce stress and stress-related disorders. The class will consist of a presentation, opportunity to participate in guided meditation and time for discussion, questions and answers. Instructor Jerry Hartman is a graduate of the certificate program of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute, in Washington, D.C.
Tuition: $59** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat Sep 24 10AM-2PM Laurel College Center XE-119 J1697 #1785
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Learn to calm your mind with stillness meditation, focus your mind with mindfulness meditation and explore your mind with guided meditation. Farhan Qureshi will cover the history, scientific research and pragmatic value of meditation and teach you to incorporate its value into your daily activities. In addition to completing several related courses in meditation, Farhan has earned certification as an instructor from the Meditation Center in Bethesda.
Tuition: $119** (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu Sep 15-Oct 20 7PM-9PM Wilde Lake High School XE-236 6621 #6345
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Meditation and Stress Relief *NEW!*
Family reunions, outings with friends, parties, presents and food. The period from Thanksgiving to New Years is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. For all too many of us, the stress generated during the holidays makes it a time to dread rather than a time to look forward to. Join us as we discuss some of the issues that make these six weeks less than what they could be. We’ll explore stress, gratitude, generosity, dealing with expectations and New Year’s resolutions, and give you some ways to reduce stress and create a happiness that does not depend on outside conditions.
Tuition: $59** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat Nov 12 10AM-2PM Hickory Ridge XE-422 6052 #1697
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Meditation, Yoga and the Practice of Compassion
Learning to meditate or to do a yoga pose skillfully is a doorway to compassion. Our own lives, our loved ones and our experiences offer the greatest opportunities for compassion to arise. As we deepen our practice, we come to heal ourselves and our world. Instructor: Helen Heffer.
Tuition: $160** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat Sep 24-Dec 03 8:30AM-10:30AM HVPA XE-268 6264 #8977
(No class Nov 26)
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Past Life Regression/Future Life Progression
Experience firsthand a review of your past lives or a peek into your soul’s future lives. Deepen your understanding of your current life. Discussion following regression/progression.
Tuition: $25** (fee based, no waivers)
Tue Oct 25 7PM-9PM Laurel College Center XE-713 M1631 #1721
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Qigong: Eight Extra Meridians
This course is designed to address and alleviate the chronic stress experienced in today’s fast-paced world. Instructor David Foulk, who studies with Shrfu Mark Johnson, will take you through a series of exercises that allow integration between your three energetic bodies: physical, emotional/ mental and spiritual. The genuine state of balance and vitality gained from practicing these forms result in students leaving each class with a sense of profound well-being.
Tuition: $125** (includes $46 in fees*)
Sat Sep 24-Dec 03 8:30AM-9:30AM HVPA XE-196 6045 #8966
(No class Nov 26)
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T’ai Chi Introduction
Discover t’ai chi, a form of active meditation that promotes calming, centering, and self-control. Instructor David Foulk introduces you to this practice of meditation and physical exercise, consisting of carefully coordinated, slow, natural movements proven to strengthen your body and mind. When the chi flows in a balanced fashion, you enjoy better physical and emotional health, increased longevity and inner peace.
Tuition: $125** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat Sep 24-Dec 03 10:30AM-11:30AM HVPA XE-843 6267 #6388
(No class Nov 26)
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T’ai Chi Practice
Continue to practice your skills in this Part II t’ai chi class. Based on the latter sections of the Yang form, Chen Ming Chin, instructor David Foulk will guide you through the next levels of positions. Prior t’ai chi experience is requested.
Tuition: $125** (includes $40 in fees*)
Sat Sep 24-Dec 03 9:30AM-10:30AM HVPA XE-266 6042 #8976
(No class Nov 26)
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Usui Reiki Level I
Welcome to your Usui Reiki journey! This course is the beginning level of Usui Reiki training. It consists of open discussion on the history and development of Reiki, Level I attunement and hands-on practice. The latter includes giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using specific hand positions, self treatment and practice using various Japanese healing techniques. You will learn and practice how to scan the body for energy, proper ways to give treatments to yourself, friends, family and pets and gain a general understanding of chakras and the aura. This class is a powerful healing experience taught by Kelly Neylan, a reiki master in eight different traditions as well as Pampamesayok Peruvian shaman in the Q’ero tribe, reflexologist and yoga instructor. Massage therapists and other students can earn .5 CEUs for this class. Bring a lunch and wear comfortable clothes.
Tuition: $105 (includes $45 in fees*)
Sat Sep 17 10AM-4PM Health Sciences Building XB-100 6099 #8945
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Usui Reiki Level II
This course is the follow-up training to Level I. It will enable you to provide higher healing energy and qualify you as a Reiki practitioner so that you may begin your own Reiki practice. Reiki II certified students are encouraged to expand to the community as a volunteer or in a private practice. Students will receive the Reiki II symbols. These three sacred symbols enable students to increase the power of healing energy, clear negative energy from rooms, send energy to balance emotions and help heal relationships, and send Reiki distantly to another person or circumstance. We will discuss the many uses of Reiki in everyday life and receive the Reiki Level II attunement with hands-on practice using the Reiki II symbols. This class is a powerful healing experience taught by Kelly Neylan, a reiki master in eight different traditions as well as Pampamesayok Peruvian shaman in the Q’ero tribe, reflexologist and yoga instructor. Massage therapists and other students can earn .5 CEUs for this class. Bring a lunch and wear comfortable clothes.
Tuition: $105 (includes $45 in fees)
Sun Sep 25 10AM-4PM Health Sciences Building XB-102 6212 #8946
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Yoga & the Art of Being Present: Through the Senses & Beyond
This yoga class focuses on attuning to the five senses as a prelude to attuning to the deeper qualities of inner sight, inner listening, etc. As we become exquisitely present, life becomes rich and fulfilling, and we find the long sought after peace that true presence brings. Please bring a yoga mat and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Instructor: H.Heffer
Tuition: $149** (includes $40 in fees*)
Thu Sep 22-Dec 01 7PM-9PM Health Sciences Building XE-352 6263 #1962
(No class Nov 24)
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Yoga: The Royal Path *NEW!*
Raja Yoga (as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) is a spiritual system of self-realization consisting of eight “limbs” including ethical restraints and observances, yoga poses, breathing exercises, sense-withdrawal, concentration, meditation and Samadhi (realization). You will learn how to apply each “limb” of Raja Yoga to your yoga practice. Each class will include instruction (including poses), as well as a philosophical discussion. Instructor: Miles Gannett
Tuition: $150** (includes $40 in fees*)
Fri Sep 23-Dec 02 9AM-11AM Health Sciences Building XE-409 6324 #1681
(No class Oct 28 & Nov 25)
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