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Columbia MD, 21044
Laurel College Center
312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 205
Laurel, MD 20707
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KOC for High School (14+)


Calculus Prep

Ages 14+. Highly motivated students are invited to join a two-week adventure of precalculus review and a foray into the concepts covered in most college-level calculus courses. The culminating activity for the course will be working together on an escape room which requires application of mathematical reasoning to solve puzzles.

You are required to bring an internet-enabled device (tablet or laptop) in order to access course materials. Graphing calculator is optional.

Prerequisites: You must have successfully completed precalculus and trigonometry.

2 weeks

Tuition: $315 (includes $75 in fees*)
Mon-Fri Jul 16-Jul 27 8:30PM-12PM Hickory Ridge XK-410 6003 #5654
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Camp Counselor in Training *NEW!*
Ages 14+. Learn the skills needed to become a successful camp counselor! Enhance your communication skills, learn student management methods, and discuss problem solving and conflict management techniques. Shadow and assist Kids on Campus instructional aides in a variety of tasks. Practice interviewing techniques, so you will be prepared to put your best foot forward in your future work experience! Certificates given upon successful class completion. 1 week
Tuition: $189 (includes $64 in fees*)
Mon-Fri Jun 25-Jun 29 8:30AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XK-608 6636 #8435
Mon-Fri Aug 06-Aug 10 1PM-4:30PM Hickory Ridge XK-608 6637 #8436
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College Applications and Scholarships 101 *NEW!*
Ages 14+. If you are in 10th to 12th grade and are feeling overwhelmed by the college application and scholarship process, then this is the class for you. The process can be an intimidating one, but we are here to help! Learn how to search for colleges based on academic interests, sports, or other opportunities. Take career and personality quizzes to help you pinpoint a future major and career. In addition, learn all of the parts of college applications such as essays, transcripts, teacher recommendations, and more. Learn how to search for scholarships and practice writing essays for them! 1 week
Tuition: $189 (includes $64 in fees*)
Mon Aug 06-Aug 10 8:30AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XK-604 6640 #8447
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College Prep and Advanced Writing Skills

Ages 14+. Learn how to write at college level! Compose a variety of essays as well as a high school level research paper. Write papers based on self-selected topics. In addition, you will learn how to evaluate reliable research sources, organize information, control language, and critique your writing. 2 weeks

Tuition: $315 (includes $71 in fees*)
Mon-Fri Jul 30-Aug 10 8:30AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XK-254 6115 #5555
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Creative Writing for High School

Ages 14+. Explore the world of your imagination and create free verse, blank verse, lyric poetry, character sketches, personal narratives, and dramatic monologues. Learn techniques of journal writing. You will publish a digital literary magazine. 2 weeks

Tuition: $315 (includes $71 in fees*)
Mon-Fri Jul 09-Jul 20 1PM-4:30PM Hickory Ridge XK-257 6326 #5556
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Extended Algebra II Review

Ages 14+. Have you taken Algebra II and need to sharpen your skills in preparation for taking an advanced math course during the upcoming school year? If so, the perfect class for you! We will review how to solve and graph a variety of equations and inequalities, which includes linear and quadratic. Other topics include system of equations, quadratic functions, polynomial functions, complex numbers, radical functions, rational expressions, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions. Bring a graphing calculator. 2 weeks

Tuition: $315 (includes $71 in fees*)
Mon-Fri Jul 23-Aug 03 1PM-4:30PM Hickory Ridge XK-337 6156 #5609
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Financial Literacy for Teens
Ages 14+. Create your own personal identity, learn to live on your own for a week with $100, talk to a banker about checks, banking, and credit cards. Explore how to make, invest, and save your hard-earned money. Learn about the stock market, saving, and checking accounts as vehicles to create wealth. Play games to test your skills. Bring a calculator and be ready to have fun! 1 week
Tuition: $185 (includes $66 in fees*)
Mon-Fri Jul 30-Aug 03 8:30AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XK-437 6972 #5683
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Mathematics of Puzzles and Games *NEW!*
Ages 14+. Sudoku, KenKen, cards, dice, escape rooms, and more will be explored in this class. You will have opportunities to solve puzzles, explore the mathematics behind games of your choosing, and create an escape room experience for your fellow classmates. Come with your thinking caps on! 1 week
Tuition: $199 (includes $74 in fees*)
Mon-Fri Jul 16-Jul 20 1PM-4:30PM Hickory Ridge XK-602 6639 #8437
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Research and Study Skills

Ages 14+. Learn organizational research and study skills to graduate from high school and go on to college-level work. Improve your time management, memory retention, notetaking, and test taking skills. Review procedures for selecting a topic, developing a thesis statement, and creating an outline. Learn all the necessary steps that lead to writing a great term paper. 1 week

Tuition: $199 (includes $64 in fees*)
Mon-Fri Jul 16-Jul 20 1PM-4:30PM Hickory Ridge XK-438 6337 #5684
Mon-Fri Jul 23-Jul 27 1PM-4:30PM Hickory Ridge XK-438 6271 #8234
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Trouble-Free Vocabulary

Ages 14+. The English language has over 171,000 words, but do you know which words you need to know most? Build your word power by challenging yourself with brain ticklers, using a thesaurus, and grouping words by their derivation. Add over 100 useful words to your vocabulary by practicing skills and strategies in a relatively painless way. Don’t wait for the SAT test to roll around to improve your word familiarity and usage. 1 week

Tuition: $189 (includes $64 in fees*)
Mon-Fri Jul 16-Jul 20 8:30AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XK-105 6225 #5488
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Writing Dynamic College Essays

Ages 15+. Attention high school juniors and seniors, have you narrowed down your college choices and received applications? A good essay can enhance your chances of getting into the college of your choice. By accessing online college applications, you will be able to practice suggested essay topics. Have rough drafts analyzed, proofread, and edited as many times as needed. Get a jump-start and feel confident that your essay represents you at your best. 1 week

Tuition: $199 (includes $64 in fees*)
Mon-Fri Jul 09-Jul 13 8:30AM-12PM Hickory Ridge XK-278 6291 #5563
Mon-Fri Aug 06-Aug 10 1PM-4:30PM Hickory Ridge XK-278 6338 #5564
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