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Photo Editing, Graphic Design & Adobe Applications


Adobe Acrobat

Learn how to use Adobe Acrobat to create and convert document types to PDF files, edit, arrange, and extract pages, create and modify bookmarks, apply document security, initiate and manage a review, and apply digital signatures. 

Prerequisite: Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word experience. 

.6 CEUs.

Tuition: $155 (includes $120 in fees*)
Wed Feb 21 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab E XA-896 8242 #4543
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Adobe Acrobat Level 2
This course prepares users to convert documents to PDF files, enhance and customize PDF documents for interactive use online, and prepare them for printing.
Prerequisite: Adobe Acrobat
.6 CEUs.
Tuition: $155 (includes $120 in fees*)
Wed Mar 14 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab E XA-305 8243 #4544
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Digital Photography Basics

This introductory class is for those new to digital photography. Learn about all the buttons and controls on your camera, and how to take good shots in modes other than auto. If you are using a point-and-shoot camera, you’ll learn tricks to do cool things. Learn about taking portraits, landscapes, night portraits, macros and sports/action shots as well as using aperture priority, shutter priority, and program exposure modes.

In addition, find out more about white balance, exposure and flash compensation, basic metering, and basic composition. You’ll have homework each week and the instructor will critique photos in each class.

Bring your camera, a flash drive or memory card reader, the cable to attach camera to computer, and the user manual if you have these.

This course is a prerequisite for Level 2.

Tuition: $200** (fee based, no waivers)
Tue Jan 31-Feb 20 6:30PM-9:30PM Gateway Campus Lab D XE-228 8262 #4566
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Digital Photography Level 2

Learn how to take great photos using advanced manual exposure, lighting techniques (flash, reflective, natural), exposure bracketing, metering, custom white balance, compositional techniques and the use of props, taking better close-ups, group portraits, and great landscape and nature shots. Get the most out of your zoom lenses and learn some basic photo editing techniques.

This class is perfect for those with a digital SLR (dSLR) or more advanced point-and-shoot digital cameras with aperture priority (Av-A) and or shutter priority (Tv-S) and Manual exposure (M) modes. You’ll have homework each week. There will be several shooting and lighting exercises.

Bring camera, flash drive or memory card reader, cable to attach camera to computer, user manual, lenses, external flash, tripod, filters, etc., if you have them.

Prerequisite: Digital Photography I and must know aperture and shutter priority. 

Tuition: $200** (fee based, no waivers)
Tue Mar 06-Mar 27 6:30PM-9:30PM Gateway Campus Lab D XE-229 8263 #4567
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Illustrator Level 2

Create more complex illustrations, apply special effects, and use advanced features.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator.  

1.2 CEUs. 

Tuition: $235 (includes $150 in fees*)
Thu, Fri Mar 22-Mar 23 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab C XA-488 8252 #4570
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InDesign Level 1

Learn how to use Adobe InDesign to design professional-looking documents and print layouts. With this basic overview of the application, you can start creating documents right away. Learn how to create a new document, add text and graphics, use master pages, add columns, thread frames, create and apply styles, use layers, and prepare a file for print.

Prerequisites: Working With Windows and Microsoft Word or equivalent.

1.2 CEUs.

Tuition: $235 (includes $150 in fees*)
Mon, Wed Jan 22-Jan 24 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab C XA-919 8249 #4551
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InDesign Level 2

This course builds on the concepts and skills taught in In-Design Level 1. Create professional-looking layouts more efficiently. Learn how to set up multi-page spreads, work with vector paths, format type using advanced features, create lighting effects, adjust transparency, define object styles, explore the use of tables in a document, use the Story Editor, and manage long documents.

Prerequisites: InDesign Level 1.

1.2 CEUs.

Tuition: $235 (includes $150 in fees*)
Tue, Thu Feb 13-Feb 15 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab C XA-920 8250 #4552
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Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
Create eye-catching artwork for print, presentations, and the web using this graphic design tool. The course covers drawing and editing straight and curved lines, editing path segments and anchor points, creating artwork using painting and drawing tools, autotrace, and adding type and color to artwork.
Prerequisite: Microsoft Windows experience
1.2 CEUs.
Tuition: $235 (includes $150 in fees*)
Fri Mar 02-Mar 09 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab C XA-487 8251 #4569
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Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
In this course, you will explore the Photoshop interface and use several tools for duplicating, cropping, and resizing images. You can enhance your photos using layer effects and filters to create special effects. Learn to use tools for blending and shading effects as well as adjusting contrast and color.
Prerequisite: Microsoft Windows experience.
1.2 CEUs.
Tuition: $235 (includes $150 in fees*)
Wed, Fri Jan 31-Feb 02 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab C XA-489 8253 #4571
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Introduction to Lightroom
Use Adobe® Photoshop Lightroom to prepare and edit your photos. Learn to organize your images and create custom slideshows.
To view a full description and create your online account, please visit
Tuition: $130 (includes $90 in fees*)
Nov 08-Dec 15   Online XO-511 4735 #2674
Jan 17-Feb 23   Online XO-511 4042 #4696
Feb 14-Mar 23   Online XO-511 4043 #4697
Mar 14-Apr 20   Online XO-511 4044 #4698
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Movie Maker Introduction

Students will learn how to manipulate their videos with editing tools and adding components such as credits and titles. You will also learn how to apply animation, insert sound clips, and saving features. This course is designed for all levels of users who wish to learn about video editing.

Basic windows skills are required.

.6 CEUs.

Tuition: $150 (includes $90 in fees*)
Fri Nov 10 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab D XA-202 8149 #2599
Wed Mar 07 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab E XA-202 8244 #4545
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Photoshop Level 2
Learn advanced Photoshop features for print production.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Photoshop.  
1.2 CEUs.
Tuition: $235 (includes $150 in fees*)
Tue, Thu Dec 05-Dec 07 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab D XA-629 8160 #2631
Tue, Thu Feb 20-Feb 22 9AM-4PM Gateway Campus Lab C XA-629 8254 #4572
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