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Early Childhood Education & Child Care

If you want to work in the child care and early education field or if you are trying to determine whether you would like to start your own child care center or family child care business, then you are at the right place!

Child Care Certification Preparation & Professional Development
HCC's Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Development early childhood education and child care college programs are continually revised and updated to address new state requirements. Courses also meet annual continued training for child care teachers, directors, and family providers as required by MSDE. 

Early Childhood Education & Child Care Courses for the Current Term

  • Requirements for Child Care Positions

    Child care position titles and corresponding courses offered at HCC are listed below:

    • Child Care Teacher Preschool 90 hrs = Child Growth & Development (45 hrs) , Preschool Curriculum & Activities (45 hrs) & Communication Skills (9 hrs)
    • Child Care Teacher Infant/Toddler 90 hrs = Child Growth & Development (45 hrs), Infant & Toddler Care (45 hrs) & Communication Skills (9 hrs)
    • Child Care Teacher School Age 90 hrs = Child Growth & Development (45 hrs), School Age Curriculum (45 hrs) & Communication Skills (9 hrs)
    • Child Care Director = Teacher 90 hrs (above) plus Child Care Administration
    • Family Child Care Provider = Family Child Care Pre-Service, SIDS, Emergency Prep & CPR/First Aid
  • Textbook Information

    Most courses have a required textbook. Printed textbooks and materials can be purchased at the HCC Bookstore or online at or from a seller of your choice. You may also purchase e-textbooks directly from the publisher's website at The book list for courses includes the following:



    Child Care Administration

    *effective FALL TERM 2016 the textbook resource is changing:

    Purchase EITHER the access key with ebook OR the access key and looseleaf book, available at  or at the HCC Bookstore.

    Child Growth and Development
    45 Hours

    Developmental Profiles 8th Edition (Cengage)

    Preschool Curriculum & Activities
    45 Hours

    Preschool Appropriate Practices, Environment, Curriculum and Development 4th Edition (Cengage)

    School Age Child Care Curriculum
    45 Hours

    Caring for School Age Children 6th Edition (Cengage)

    Infant and Toddler Care 45 Hours

    No textbook purchase. MSDE's Healthy Beginnings text is included as a download within the online course.

  • Maryland Child Care Credentialing Program

    The Maryland Child Care Credentialing Program is a voluntary program that recognizes child care providers who go beyond the requirements of State licensing and registration regulations. The Maryland Department of Human Resources Child Care Administration has established six credential levels, each one recognizing a child care provider's achievement for a specified number of clock hours, experience, and professional activities.

    Benefits of participation include cash bonus awards and vouchers or reimbursement for child care training classes. Training is offered in six content areas:

    D-Child Development
    H-Health, Safety, and Nutrition
    S-Special Needs

    In order to participate in the program, you must submit a completed application and all required documentation to the Maryland State Department of Education, Office of Credentialing. Benefits of participation include cash bonus awards and vouchers or reimbursement for child care training classes. Call 443-518-4049 for more information.

  • STEM-Focused Preschool Curriculum 45 Hours

    Do you need preschool child care teacher certification and would you like to focus on STEM curriculum planning (science, technology, engineering and math)? Would you like to take a series of short classes rather than one long course? Take these classes one at a time, in any order, or in sequence, and when you complete all of them you will have earned the curriculum half of 90 hours for preschool child care teachers. This is an alternative to Child Care Certification II: Curriculum. If you already have your certification, you may take any of the STEM classes as Continued Training instead.
    • Preschool Curriculum Planning Essentials (9 hrs.)
    • Planting the Seeds of STEM (6 hrs.)
    • The S in STEM-Science (6 hrs.)
    • The T in STEM-Technology (6 hrs.)
    • The E in STEM-Engineering (6 hrs.)
    • The M in STEM-Math (6 hrs.)
    • STEAM Ahead With Arts Activities (6 hrs.)

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Stretch your staff training budget by training groups at one low cost. Organizations can arrange for employer group training to take our courses at your location, at the college or even online.

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