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Distinguished Alumni

Thousands of HCC alumni have followed paths leading to successful careers, enriched lives and limitless opportunities.  HCC would  like to recognize those graduates who have distinguished themselves through outstanding contributions in their fields of endeavor, dedication to public service, continued education and the ability to be a positive representative of HCC to the community.

Please see below for a list of HCC's Distinguished Alumni.  If you know someone who embodies the qualities of our distinguished alumni, pelase contact the development and alumni office at 443-518-1970 or

2013/ 2014  Distinguished Alumnus of the Year

David Powell

2012/ 2013  Distinguished Alumnus of the Year

Dan Schrider

2009 Distinguished Alumni

Paul Hajek

2008 Distinguished Alumni

Janelle M. Broderick
Margot B. Chaffee 
Chiara C. D'Amore 

Linda C. Olson
Keira A. Saunders 
M. Courtney Watson 
Kevin L. Preston, Kevin was selected as the 2008 Alumnus of the Year

2007 Distinguished Alumni

Sari P. Caldwell
Robin C. Close
Mary Beth Little 
Ryna May 
Jonathan A. Mitchican  
Judy M. Ratner  
Rachael Torgeson Price,  Rachael was selected as the 2007 Alumnus of the Year

2006 Distinguished Alumni

Janet J. Althen  
Michael A. Canet  
Thomas P. Cargiulo 
Nelly Smolyak Maybee  
Karla Sellers, Karla was selected as the 2006 Alumnus of the Year
Barbara Surran 
Maury A. Tobin  

2005 Distinguished Alumni

Linda Day Clark
Christopher B. Emery  
Barbara A. Bechberger  
Ralph C. Jones 
Margaret J. Kahlor 
Michael R. Maiman
June Martyn  
David Mikszan, David was selected as the 2006 Alumnus of the Year
M. Hillery Scavo 
Anthony L. Summers 
Lisa Mauck Weiland  
Kathleen A. Weller 

2004 Distinguished Alumni

Walter Clark
Ellen Jenkins
Kathleen Kersheskey
Glenda Kruger
Barbara Larimore
Judith Lewis
Christopher Marasco
Holle Schneider Ricks
Janice Staples

2003 Distinguished Alumni

Monty Barrett
Janet Cullison
Claire Ferguson
Lawrence Maderas, Jr.
Rafia SIddiqui, Rafia was selected as the 2003 Alumnus of the Year
Kelly Anne Salappong
Jennifer Serene

2002 Distinguished Alumni

Jennine Anderson
Arleen Dinneen
John Dolan-Heitlinger
Lynn Doughty
Barbara Fenske
Tracy Goldstein
Michael Hendricks
Mary Alice Jost
Toshiko Mecklenberg
Kayla Tollen
Helene Vanderburgh

2001 Distinguished Alumni

Mary Armiger
Mary Becker
Clarence Carvell
Brad Coker
Sandra Feneley
Giannella Garrett
Nichole Hickey, Nichole was selected as the 2001 Alumnus of the Year
Teresa Kirchner
Marie Kittelberger
Doris LIgon
Kathleen Liparini
Margaret Mauro
Bobbie McAdam
Bobby Mitchell, Bobby was selected as the 2001 Alumnus of the Year
Bette O'Connor
James Robbins
Teresa Schreyer
Sharon Strobel
Michael Wolf, Michael was selected as the 2001 Alumnus of the Year

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