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Do I need to be pre-qualified to do business with the College?

No, the College does not have a pre-qualification process. However see the vendor page to be added to the College's internal vendor database.

My company does business with the Howard County Government. Does this mean that I am approved as a vendor for the College?

While the College is able to participate with the Howard County Government for procurement, each county entity has a separate purchasing office and vendor database.  Please see the vendor registration page for more information about the College's vendor database.  To contact other Howard County entities call:

  • Howard County Government - Purchasing - 410-313-6370
  • Howard County Public School System - Purchasing - 410-313-6722
  • Howard County Library - Purchasing - 410-313-7750

I want to do business with the College. Should I contact individual departments to speak with them?

Please contact the Procurement Office for assistance in reaching the proper party to discuss the product or service you wish to offer to the College.  The policies and procedures of the College require that purchases be made through established contracts which are coordinated by the Procurement Office.

I have new information about a product. How can I let the College know?

Please send any information to the attention of the Procurement Office.

Where can I find current solicitation information and is there a threshold for bids?

All College purchases over $25,000 are advertised on the College's current solicitations page.  They are also advertised on the eMaryland  Marketplace website which is administered by the Maryland Department of General Services.  Vendors register and receive e-mail notifications for solicitations from the site; there is no fee for this service. To register go to or call 410-767-1492 to speak with a representative.  College solicitations are also advertised in the local papers: The Howard County Times and The Columbia Flier.

Are there terms and conditions for purchases for the College?

Please see the section on terms and conditions.

Does the College have excess inventory items for sale that are available to the general public?

The College utilizes, a public, online auction system, to sell excess inventory items.  Detailed descriptions and pictures of items are posted online and are for sale at auction for a period of 1-2 weeks.  To view and bid on items the College currently has at auction on, please click on the link below.

GovDeals HCC