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FY14 Awardees

Bid Number

Solicitation NameAwardeeAmount
14-001Campus LightingEastern Sales and Engineering$361,588
14-002Enhanced Commissioning Services for SET buildingHorizon Engineering$32,196
14P-003Facilities Master PlanCannonDesign 
14P-004AdobeComputer Intelligence Association 
14P-005Information Technology AssessmentCampusWorks$53,000
14P-006TV Digital Shared Storage SystemDigital Video Group$150,831
14P-007Website RedesignSystems Alliance$127,140
14P-008Pouring Rights and Beverage Vending ServicesCoca-Cola 
14P-009Snack Food Vending ServicesBlack Tie 
14-010High Speed Network ServicesNo award - bid cancelled       -
14-011Printing of 2014/15 Schedules of Classes

Bartash - credit schedules

Envision - non-credit schedules



14-012Project Access Bus ServicesEyre Bus Service$34,355

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