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FY15 Awardees

Bid Number

Solicitation NameAwardeeAmount
14P-014Planning and Compliance SoftwareNo award - RFP cancelled-
15P-001Professional Services to Design/Develop East Garage Expansion ProjectDesman Associates$969,000
15P-002HD Broadcast Automation SystemNo award - RFP cancelled-
15-003Emergency Medical Services Simulation EquipmentHenry Schein$45,102
15P-004CM at Risk for Expansion of East GarageDonley's$37,900
15-005Campus Utility Project - Phase IIIAmerican Energy Services$269,000
15P-006A/E Services for Renovation of Nursing and ST buildingsMarshall Craft Associates$3,254,000
15-007Ultrasound EquipmentNational Ultrasound$108,900
15P-008Simulation Capture SoftwareB-Line Medical$146,000
15P-009High Definition Broadcast Automation SystemContract Video Specialist$199,996
15-010Athletic Fields ManagementBrickman$59,400
15P-011CM at Risk for Renovation of Nursing and ST buildingsJ. Vinton Schafer$75,000
15-012High Speed Network ServicesFiberlight$59,000
15-013Commercial BusNational Bus Sales & Leasing$94,466
15-014Printing of 2015-16 Schedules of ClassesNo award - bid cancelled-
15-015Mechanical ServicesEmjay 
15-016Electrical ServicesKey Systems 


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