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Howard Community College routinely issues refunds to students*. The student will be issued a refund based on their enrollment status and payment method. The amount of the refund will be dependent upon drop dates. Click here to be directed to the Registration and Refund Dates webpage which includes the college's refund policy.

*All refunds will be issued to the student and not the payor, unless the student is under the age of 16 or tuition was paid for by a third party sponsor.

Electronic Refunds

Howard Community College is offering a new electronic refund program effective June 2011. HCC is partnering with Higher One, a financial services company, to provide these electronic refund services.HCC Connect Card

Students will receive the HCC Connect Card in the mail.  Look for the green envelope which will include the HCC Connect Card as well as additional information and instructions for selecting a refund preference.  Students should follow the instructions provided in the green envelope and visit to select the refund method of their choice. 

Once the student logs onto using the number on the card they will have three refund options to select from:

  • ACH (Direct Deposit) into an existing bank account
    • Refunds can be electronically deposited into the checking or savings account of any financial institution that accepts direct deposit. 
    • Refunds are available within three business days of HCC releasing refunds to Higher One.
  • Open a OneAccount, provided by Higher One
    • The OneAccount is a checking account provided by Higher One. The OneAccount does not require a minimum balance. Upon choosing this method the HCC Connect card will become a Debit Card linked to the new account.
    • The OneAccount is an immediate electronic option for those students that do not currently have a checking or savings account.  However, students are encouraged to shop around for the financial institution that best fits their needs. Click here for a list of local banks that also offer free checking. 
    • Click here for a cost analysis of the OneAccount as compared to other banking options. (Provided by HigherOne).
    • Visit for information on the account features of the OneAccount. Click here for important fee information related to the OneAccount.
    • Refunds are available the next business day after HCC releases refunds to Higher One.
    • Two Higher One ATM's are located on the HCC main campus, one on the second floor of the RCF building and another on the first floor of the ST building. Additional ATM locations can be found by visiting the HigherOne ATM locator site.
  •  A paper check
    • A paper check will be mailed directly to the students address from Higher One.
    • Refunds are available within 5-7 business days of HCC releasing refunds to Higher One.

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Students under the age of 16 as well as students without a social security number or passport are not eligible for electronic refund services.  Any refunds to these students will be issued via paper check directly from Howard Community College.

Credit Card Refunds

Tuition and fees paid directly to Howard Community College with a credit card will continue to be refunded to the credit card used in making the payment. Please see below for special considerations regarding credit card payments made under the Tuition Payment Plan.

Tuition Payment Plan Refunds

Tuition and fees paid using the Tuition Payment Plan (regardless of the original payment method) will be refunded by Higher One via the refund preference selected by the student. This also applies to credit card payments made using the Tuition Payment Plan.

Continuing Education Refunds

Continuing Education student refunds will be issued via a paper check directly from Howard Community College. Some special circumstances may apply.

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