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Drop versus Withdraw

To view your tuition refund and withdraw deadlines, visit My Tuition Refund and Withdraw Deadlines in myHCC. 

There are important differences between dropping and withdrawing from one or more classes. These include:

  • Deadlines:  Classes can be officially dropped during the first 20 percent of their scheduled meeting time.  The withdrawal period begins immediately following the drop period and continues through 60 percent of the scheduled meeting time, generally between the third and tenth week of the Fall or Spring terms.  
  • Refunds:  Full or partial refunds are available during the drop period depending on when a class is officially dropped.  Refunds are not available during the withdrawal period.
  • Transcripts:  Dropped classes do not appear on student transcripts.  Withdrawals do appear on student transcripts.
  • Other:  Special procedures apply for financial aid recipients, international (F1) students, and veterans using the GI Bill.  All students can be impacted by course withdrawals as explained below.

You may drop or withdraw from classes using one of these methods:

  • Online via myHCC — 7:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.
  • In person - Office of Records and Registration — Photo ID is required

Need help? Review these instructions


What Students Need to Know

All students:  Consult with an advisor before making any changes to your course schedule.  Bills for added classes must be paid based on when the class was added and the applicable payment date in place at that time.  If you register, do not attend class, and do not officially drop the class, you will be given a grade of “NA” (Never Attended).  If you officially withdraw you will receive a grade of “W”.  The “W” grade will appear on the transcript along with credit hours attempted, but will not be calculated into the GPA.  However, there can be consequences to your academic standing if you withdraw from too many classes.  If you do not officially withdraw (unofficial withdrawal) by the deadline, you must accept the final grade earned you for the course.  Please consult the catalog for more information.

Financial aid students:  Meet with a financial aid counselor before dropping or withdrawing from classes. A drop in credits often results in a balance owed to the college.  Withdrawal forms must be signed by a financial aid counselor.

International (F1) Students:  F1 students must receive consent from an international student advisor prior to dropping or withdrawing from a course.   Students who do not meet with their international advisor first could seriously jeopardize their F1 status.

Veterans using the GI Bill:  Veterans using the GI Bill must notify HCC’s VA certifying official when dropping or withdrawing from classes.  Contact or visit the Office of Records, Registration & Veterans’ Affairs during VA counseling hours.  A drop in credits often results in repayment to the VA or in a decrease in your monthly rate.

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