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Do I just graduate automatically when I have finished my requirements or is there something I must do?
A student must complete the Application to Graduate with their academic advisor, to be awarded an associate degree or certificate of proficiency.

When should I apply to graduate?
You should apply to graduate when you are close to completing the requirements of your program of study (ie. Learning program, major).  Full-time students who have completed 75 percent of their degree program requirements (45 credits for most programs) should apply to graduate. Part-time students and certificate majors should consult with an advisor about the best time to apply.

When are the deadlines for applying to graduate?
October 15 for December
March 15 for May
June 15* for Summer

*Students who are taking up to and no more than two courses during the summer and wish to participate in the spring commencement should apply by April 15.

How do I know if I am close to completing my requirements?
Meet with your advisor and ask. Your advisor will review your record with you and help you decide if you are ready to apply. Your advisor can also help you explore if changing majors or transferring in coursework completed at another college or university may accelerate your road to graduation.

Who is my advisor?
The Office of Admissions & Advising operates on a walk-in basis.  You may see any advisor who is available when you come to the office.

How do I apply to graduate?
Fill out an Application to Graduate and meet with your academic advisor. Your advisor will provide the initial review of your record and assist you with the process.  If you have completed the requirements for more than one program (degree or certificate), fill out an Application to Graduate for each one.

How much does it cost to apply to graduate and/or to attend commencement?
There is no fee to apply to graduate and/or attend the May commencement.

Commencement takes place in May, but I won't complete my requirements until the end of summer sessions. May I still attend the ceremony?
Yes, if you are taking up to two courses in summer. If you are taking 3 or more summer courses, you may participate in the commencement ceremony the following spring.

Do I have to take all my credits at HCC?
You must take at least a minimum of 25 percent of a degree or certificate program at HCC.

What requirements do I need to graduate with honors?
You must have an overall GPA of 3.500 to graduate with honors.

What happens if I do not successfully complete all the credits I need for my degree after I have already applied to graduate?
You will be notified that you did not satisfy the requirements and you may apply again as soon as you register for the remaining classes.

Must I attend the ceremony in order to receive my diploma?
No. While we encourage you to attend this momentous event, you do not have to attend in order to receive your diploma.  All eligible candidates may attend the commencement exercises that take place each May.

What should I do to be sure my diploma is printed correctly?
Carefully and legibly print your name exactly as you want it to appear on the diploma when you fill out the Application to Graduate.

When will my degree/certificate be posted to my transcript and when will I receive my diploma/certificate?
Degrees are usually posted to your transcript two weeks after the final grades have been submitted.  Prospective graduates requesting transcripts should be aware that transcript requests will be filled after degrees/certificates have been posted.  Diplomas and certificates will be mailed after the final evaluation of academic records.  This process usually takes four to six weeks following the graduation date.

If I have applied to graduate and my degree is not yet posted, what can I use to verify my anticipated graduation status?
Sometimes an employer or school will request proof of your graduation before your degree/certificate is posted or before you have received your diploma/certificate.  Visit the Office of Records, Registration & Veterans' Affairs (RCF-233) or go online to fill out a Verification of Educational Information Request form.  Next to the choice "other", please indicate that you are requesting a degree audit letter indicating your graduation status.

For more information, call the Office of Records, Registration & Veterans’ Affairs at 443-518-1240 (TDD: 443-518-4023).