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Whether you are a new or returning student, it is very important to prepare for class prior to the start of each term.  New students should definitely plan on attending New Student Orientation – day and evening sessions are available for the Fall and the Spring terms.  New students should also take time to map their route to the campus and become familiar with the campus before classes begin.  All students should:

  • Obtain or update a student ID card at the Security Office (located on the first floor of the RCF building, next to the Welcome Center). Protect yourself from identity theft by getting in the habit of using your student ID instead of your Social Security Number.
  • Obtain a parking permit from the Security Office.
  • Familiarize yourself with important campus dates and deadlines.
  • Purchase books and supplies online or at the bookstore (unless told otherwise for certain classes).
  • Arrange needed services.
  • Allow plenty of time to commute, park and arrive at class on time!

Think about how you will use your time before, between and after class. Check out the library, the learning assistance center, the student center, the Cafe on the Quad (cafeteria) and the coffee bar.  Consider joining a club or a team.   Prepare yourself to take full advantage of your studies and campus life.

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