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This form will help you estimate your college costs.

Step 1 Tuition and Fees
Application fee:
Number of credits:
Tuition Rate*:The cost of tuition is calculated based on number of credit hours and legal residency. Students do not pay for more than 15 credit hours. See the Tuition Table $0.00
Consolidated Fee:All students pay this fee, including those eligible for tuition waivers. The consolidated fee helps cover the cost of facilities, student activities, technology, certain instructional expenses and the college’s general expenses. It is calculated at 16.75% of the in-county tuition regardless of legal residence. See the Consolidated Fee table. $0.00
Class Fees:Many classes have fees. These vary by course, related activities and materials involved. Fees are listed in the Schedule of Classes with the course descriptions.
Tuition and Fees Subtotal $0.00
Step 2 Subtract Financial Aid, Scholarships & Other
Financial aid, Scholarships & OtherThe college offers Federal and State financial aid to qualified students. Scholarships based on various criteria are offered such a need-based, merit-based and or career-based; other factors may qualify students. Students may also have external scholarships, savings and investments, and/or support from a parent or other relative.
Financial Aid, Scholarships & Other $0.00
Step 3 Additional Expenses
Books and Supplies:The estimated cost of books and supplies per semester is $900.00 for full-time students and $450.00 for part-time students. Costs vary by subject area. $0.00
Other Fees:Examples of other fees include the graduation petition, transcript evaluation, supplemental applications for clinical nursing and allied health programs.
Payment Plan Fee:There is a $25/semester enrollment fee for the Tuition Payment Plan. There is no enrollment fee to participate in the Veterans’ Deferred Payment Plan.
Include Room and Board Expenses
Room & Board Expenses:Room refers to housing expenses. Board refers to the cost of food. This total also includes estimation for cell phone and Internet charges as well as the cost of any other electronic or digital communications. Who you live with and where you live may be factors in your estimates. (Financial aid and Veterans Affairs estimates for funding purposes may differ from a student's particular calculations.) $0.00
Transportation Expenses:Transportation by car, bus, carpooling, biking, taxi, or other means generally have related expenses. The distance a student travels and/or the number of trips to the college are also factors. Gas is currently estimated based upon 55.5 cents/mile.
Childcare Expenses:Childcare costs vary based on the amount of childcare provided to attend college, the number of children being cared for and the form of care. This field is completed by students based on their specific circumstances.
Miscellaneous Expenses:Miscellaneous expenses vary widely and include clothing (including uniforms), recreation, and others.
Additional Expenses Subtotal $0.00
Total Estimated Tuition, Fees and Expenses* $0.00
*Tuition rates are subject to change.