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Scholarships are made available through the generous contributions of donors and they deserve your thanks. When a letter of thanks is received it is truly appreciated.

Scholarship recipients are required to submit a thank you letter with the scholarship acceptance letter to Financial Aid Services. No envelope or stamp is required. Your letters will then be forwarded to the donor.

Tips for writing your thank you letter:

  • Suggested topics to include:
    • How the scholarship has helped you
    • Your program of study at HCC
    • Why college is important to you
    • Organizations in which you participate
    • Volunteer work
    • Current or future Internship participation
    • Your future plans
  • Be sure to use the correct and full name of the scholarship(s) you were offered in your letter
  • Beware of grammatical and spelling errors - always proofread
  • Be sure to sign your thank your letter and print your name under your signature