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How and when do I apply for financial aid?

You must fill out the FAFSA annually at www.fafsa.govThe U.S. Department of Education posts a new application beginning January 1 of each year for the upcoming academic year. Please submit your FAFSA as early as possible. We recommend that you file by March 1 each year to be considered for as much finanial aid as possible.

What is HCC's federal school code?


You must list HCC's federal school code 008175 in step six of the FAFSA to ensure HCC receives a copy of your electronic application.

How long does it take HCC to review and complete my financial aid file?

Once HCC receives a copy of your electronic application results from Department of Education, it can take approximately six to eight weeks to review and complete your financial aid file.

Why am I being asked for additional information?

The Department of Education may require additional documentation from you to determine your financial aid eligibility for a number of reasons. HCC is required to collect that information to review your financial aid file and report the outcome to the Department of Education.

Can I receive aid if I register for a class after the census date for each term?

No. Classes added to your schedule after the census date are not covered by financial aid. In order to receive financial aid, you must be registered for all the classes you intend to take for the regular semester by the last date to add or drop for the regular semester-census date. The Schedule of Classes contains specific dates to drop for each term.

Does adding and dropping classes affect the amount of financial aid
I can receive?

Yes. The amount of your financial aid award is based on how many credits you are enrolled in for the specific term by the census date.

Will my registration be held if I applied for financial aid?

No. Simply applying for financial aid will not hold your classes. A financial aid award will hold your registration only if your file is considered complete and an award is on your account in an "accepted" status prior to your bill due date. You can check HCC Express to see if you have a financial aid award.

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