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Unexpected events happen in life and can lead to academic difficulties. If a student has experienced an unexpected event that affected their academic performance and they have been placed on financial aid restriction, they have the right to request a Financial Aid Restriction Appeal.  All appeals must be made by completing and submitting the Financial Aid Restriction Appeal Form to Financial Aid Services by the date specified in the Financial Aid Restriction Notification.  Appeal request will not be heard in person.  All appeals are reviewed by the Restriction Appeals Committee and all appeal decisions are final. Late appeals will not be considered.

The appeal must include 1.) relevant supporting documentation, 2.) a written explanation of why the student failed to meet the satisfactory academic progress standards and 3.) an explanation of what has changed in the student's situation that will allow the student to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress at the next SAP evaluation.  The basis on which a student may request an appeal includes the death of a relative, an injury or illness of the student or relative, or other special circumstances.  Appeals that do not contain one of these required elements will be denied.

If the appeal is denied, the student is responsible for either officially dropping the classes with Records and Registration or making payment arrangement with the Cashiers Office. Students who do not officially drop their registered classes before the 100% refund period are responsible for the cost incurred.

A student who fails to follow the terms of the Academic Plan and loses aid eligibility a second time may appeal the status of Financial Aid Restriction a second time. Second appeals will only be accepted if the student experiences another exceptional mitigating circumstance during the time they are on an Academic Plan.
If a second appeal is granted, the student will be required to follow the terms of the revised Academic Plan in addition to any other terms established by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. If a student fails to meet the terms of the Academic Plan following the second appeal, he or she loses financial aid eligibility, and the Financial Aid Restriction status cannot be appealed.

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