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Visa/Immigration Documentation for Standard Applicants

Applicants with visa categories other than F1 (student visa) should submit the Admissions Application.  In addition to standard application procedures, all international citizens are required to submit proof of their immigration status to complete their application.  Students without the appropriate documentation of immigration status may be admitted, but will be charged the out-of-state tuition rate.

If you will be providing documentation in support of your immigration status, original documents are required.  Faxed, scanned, or photocopied documents are not acceptable.

Acceptable forms of documentation are listed below:

  • Permanent Residents: Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

  • Asylees/Refugees: Passport and/or I-94 Card verifying status

  • Applicants for Permanent Resident Status: USCIS Form I-485 Receipt (Application to Adjust to Permanent Resident Status) - click here to see a sample

  • Other Visa Types: Passport and/or I-94 Card verifying status

  • Maryland high school graduates applying for the dream act:
    • Please click here to see eligibility requirements
    • If you qualify, please click here to download the application for reduced tuition rates.
    • When complete, please email to schedule an appoinment to submit your complete application.

  • Students with no immigration documentation should contact

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