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Frederick K. Schoenbrodt Honors Program

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The Frederick K. Schoenbrodt Honors Program offers flexible opportunities to take stimulating honors classes in a variety of subject areas.  It is open to both full and part-time students of all ages.  The admissions process for this program is in addition to those for the Freshman Focus Program, the Silas Craft Collegians Program, or the Early Entrance Program. 

The benefits to incoming high school students are as follows:

  • Freshman Focus Students – Many Freshman Focus students meet the requirements of the Schoenbrodt Program right from the start and should strongly consider participating in the Schoenbrodt Honors Program.  Some students may not initially meet the requirements, but may do so as they progress through their learning program with a strong grade point average.   Some students may supplement their curriculum with selected honors courses in areas where they excel – for example, science, math or English.
  • Silas Craft Collegians – As Silas Craft achieve their academic goals and fulfill program requirements, they are strongly encouraged to apply to and participate in the Schoenbrodt Honors Program.  They may also enroll in specific honors classes.
  • Early Entrance Students – High school juniors and seniors should consult with an HCC admissions advisor, their high school guidance counselor and parents or guardians about taking on the added rigors of a college honors class in addition to their high school coursework.  High School students considering applying to the Schoenbrodt Program should also consult with an HCC admissions advisor to ensure the courses they select are a good fit with the Schoenbrodt curriculum.

Students who successfully complete 15 credits of honors coursework and participate in honors events will receive "Honors" designation on their transcripts.  This designation is beneficial when applying for transfer and/or employment in addition to the satisfaction of setting and achieving high academic goals.

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