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The prospect of filling out a college application can be overwhelming.  Students sometimes worry about deadlines, the length of the application, writing essays, or whether or not they'll be admitted.  Some students let these worries get in the way of applying for wonderful opportunities.  Don't let this be the case for you!

The Silas Craft Collegians Program application was designed to be “user friendly.”  It’s true that it’s longer than the standard Howard Community College application.  This is because we need some extra information to help us determine if the program is a good match for you.  You’ll see that almost all the questions are factual—in other words, things you already know about yourself.

As for any concern about getting in, there are two important points to remember.  First, if you do not apply to the program, you certainly cannot be offered a seat.  Second, there is a place for you at Howard Community College, whether it’s in the Silas Craft Collegians Program or one of our other programs.

Talk to your guidance counselor and/or one of Howard Community College’s admissions counselors about the program.  Attend an information session about the Silas Craft Collegians Program.  Once you’ve determined that it’s the right choice for you, your guidance counselor and/or an admissions counselor will gladly assist you with the application process!

  • The application for Fall 2015 will be available during October of 2014

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