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Would you like to:

  • study international business in Hong Kong, one of great global business centers?
  • study history, literature, or music in London, home to many of the world’s greatest writers, theaters, and historical events?
  • learn more about ancient civilization in Rome?
  • hone your Spanish skills in Spain?
  • design your own travel experience — something truly different and maybe even “once in a lifetime”?

Rouse Scholars have some very unique opportunities to travel near and far. Opportunities to travel individually, in a group, or with a friend are all available.


The Rouse Scholars Program has two weekend retreats a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Retreats take place in locations in the region that offer a wide variety of recreational activities. Retreats are an opportunity for Rouse freshmen and sophomores, faculty, and staff to learn more about one another and form the friendships and associations unique to the Rouse Scholars Program.

National and International Travel

Rouse Scholars have the world at their fingertips! Possibilities for national and international travel include:

  • The James W. Rouse Scholars Program—Dickinson College Summer Study Abroad Program

    HCC and Dickinson College, one of the nation’s leading institutions in international education, have formed a special partnership to provide summer study abroad opportunities for Rouse Scholars. Our students have been able to join Dickinson students at such study abroad destinations as China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Scotland, and Spain, where they also experience life on an ongoing basis in another culture. Scholarships are available to ensure that such terrific opportunities are possible for all interested and qualified Rouse Scholars.

  • The James W. Rouse Scholars Program—College of Notre Dame Summer Study Abroad and Travel Program

    HCC and the College of Notre Dame also have a special partnership to provide summer study and travel abroad opportunities for Rouse Scholars. Like Dickinson College, the College of Notre Dame is also renowned for its international programs. The Rouse-CND study and travel partnership complements our partnership with Dickinson College very well in terms of destinations, time frame, and focus. It also offers opportunities for students who do not want to study over the summer, but would like to travel to international locations with others in a small group. Examples of College of Notre Dame destinations include Cuba, England, Ireland, Mexico, and Turkey. Scholarship opportunities are possible for Rouse Scholars. (Please note: The College of Notre Dame is a women’s college; however, summer study and travel is open to male and female students.)

  • The Schulte Travel Fellowship

    The Schulte Travel Fellowship provides funds for HCC students to plan their own travel or study abroad experience in January or during the summer. Students submit an application outlining their travel plans and a budget explaining what they hope to achieve. Schulte Travel Fellowship recipients have used funds to travel to Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, Japan, and London, and to hike the Appalachian Trail. Schulte funds may also be used for study abroad opportunities, including Rouse-Dickinson, Rouse-College of Notre Dame and HCC classes and trips.

  • HCC Travel

HCC offers many other travel and study abroad experiences to places like China, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, and other destinations. These opportunities are available to all qualified HCC students, including Rouse Scholars. Scholarships are available. Visit the international education site to find out more about HCC's travel opportunities.

  • Other

HCC’s International Education Office can also help you find other travel and study abroad opportunities through American and international universities and organizations.

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