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Dual Enrollment (SB-740) Quick Facts

Dual/Concurrent Enrollment

Allows students to take courses and earn college credit at Howard Community College, while they are still in high school. Students must work with their high school counselor if they are interested in earning high school credit by taking college courses. According to Senate Bill 740, some students may be eligible for a tuition benefit at Howard Community College.

Eligibility and Tuition Benefit

Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) students who are in an approved Howard Community College course or courses and meet the criteria specified by HCPSS are eligible to receive this tuition benefit. Students must obtain this approval from HCPSS.  Private and Home School Students are not covered under SB-740.  HCPSS students who enroll in a Fall or Winter/Spring course at HCC are eligible for a 50% if taking the course while concurrently enrolled at both HCC and HCPSS.*  Students who receive FARM (Free and Reduced Meals) are eligible for a full tuition discount, and will only be responsible for fees.**

*All students pay the full consolidated and course fee(s).  Additional resources for fees and books may be available for students with financial need.

Tuition and fees may be adjusted annually to reflect changes in HCC’s tuition and fee rates.

**FARM (Free and Reduced Meal) information is confidential and only shared with appropriate HCC and HCPSS staff at the time of approval.

Get Started

Interested HCPSS students fill out the Early Entrance application and must follow all appropriate admissions procedures. As part of the application process, students must meet with their high school guidance counselor or other school official for course options and approval. 

Students are required to meet all course pre-requisites and may be required to take the college’s placement exam.

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