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The Early Entrance Program helps students in grades 8-12 who want to enroll in HCC courses.  The program enables students to plan their school and HCC schedules at the same time and complete all or most procedures, including application, testing, and registration well in advance of general registration periods.   Different admissions procedures apply for high school juniors and seniors than for students in grades 8-10.

Students, parents and guardians should read the following information carefully..

Important Information

All secondary school students:

  • Early Entrance Application – Students must complete and submit this application.  Other application procedures are specified on the application form.  The application fee is waived.
  • In addition to Early Entrance admissions procedures, students must fulfill any public and private school requirements (especially high school seniors who may be taking HCC classes during the school day).
  • Early Entrance students follow the standard dates and deadlines for the term in which they seek to enroll.  Students are encouraged to complete all enrollment procedures early so they can have the best possible course and schedule selections.
  • The award of high school credit for college coursework is arranged through a student’s school and does not involve the college.
  • Howard Community College reserves the right to grant admission to secondary school students on an individual basis.  Social and emotional maturity are taken into consideration.
  • Students must meet the academic requirements for the courses they plan to take.
  • Secondary school students are limited to two courses per semester. 
  • Financial aid and scholarships are not available for Early Entrance students.
  • Policies regarding students records policies and confidentiality are available in the college’s catalog and should be reviewed.
  • According to Senate Bill 740 (SB 740), some HCPSS students may be eligible for a tuition benefit at HCC.  Please review Dual Enrollment (SB-740) Quick Facts for additional information.

Please consult the college’s catalog, General Information section, for full details.

High school juniors and seniors:

  • The only difference between high school juniors and seniors is that seniors may be permitted to enroll in classes during the school day as part of an early release option.
  • Early Admission Option — This option enables high school seniors to complete high school graduation requirements by full time study at HCC under very specific circumstances.  Students are generally required to complete 24-30 credits of college coursework, including at least one college-level English composition course.  Consent from high school officials is required to participate in this option.  Learn more.
  • Seniors planning to attend the college following their high school graduation should follow the appropriate application procedures.

8th – 10th grade students:

  • 8th – 10th grade students enrolled in gifted and talented programs, or who can otherwise demonstrate outstanding ability, may be considered for admission on an individual basis.
  • In accordance with State law, documentation of outstanding abilities and maturity are required to assist with admissions decisions, including:
  • Test scores
  • Recommendations
  • Portfolios
  • Awards

Students must also meet with an admissions counselor for a pre-admission interview.  At least one parent or guardian must be in attendance.  Appointments can be arranged by contacting the Office of Admissions and Advising at or 443-518-4599.

Contact us!
Office of Admissions and Advising
Howard Community College — RCF-242
Phone: 443-518-4599
Fax: 443-518-4589

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