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Transfer advising is a form of academic advising.  Working with an academic advisor you will have an opportunity to develop an academic plan reflecting the four-year institution and program you plan to enter upon transfer.

As you plan your transfer, the advisor will assist you to consider the best course choices as well as provide information specific to your program of interest.  Your advisor will also recommend Transfer Programs which will provide you with the information you need to be prepared for transfer.

Warning:  Please be warned that the information is not applicable to every student's situation.  General as well as specific requirements may change from program to program within a university.  Requirements vary from universities within and outside of the state.

For the best transfer preparation it is strongly recommended that you see an academic advisor each semester.  Please check our office hours for dates and times.

General Information:

Select an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) Program of Study

  • These programs are developed for transfer and include most general education requirements

Earn the very best grades possible at HCC

  • GPA will determine future transfer and department scholarship opportunities
  • Students graduating with an Associate's degree and 2.0 GPA will be able to transfer to any University of Maryland system school.  This will not guarantee admission to a specialized program (examples: business or teacher education) at the state college or university
  • Space limitations may occur for last minute applicants

The "D" grade

  • "D" grades transfer to University of Maryland institutions
  • "D" grades do not transfer to most Maryland private schools
  • Specific programs within the University of Maryland system institutions (examples: computer science or engineering ) may require that students earn a "C" grade or higher in specific courses

Research general transfer requirements and specific program requirements in the institution you plan to attend.  You may have the opportunity to enroll in some or all of these classes at Howard Community College

If you are undecided

  • Select General Studies or Liberal Arts programs of study
  • Complete a broad range of general education/core courses

Four Year Institutional Requirements

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