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What is Reverse Transfer?
Awards credit from another institution after the student has transferred from HCC, so that the student can graduate with an Associate Degree. Transferring credit from a four-year institution does not interfere with the progress the student is making towards a Bachelor's Degree. It merely allows the credits to count towards both an Associate Degree and a Bachelor's Degree. View the Reverse Transfer brochure.

Why is an Associate Degree Important?
An associate degree is an important marketable academic achievement that is valued by employers, internship coordinators and transfer schools. Take Credit for HCC!

What are the Requirements to be awarded an Associate Degree?
1. Meet all degree requirements
2. Complete a minimum of 15 college level credits at HCC 
3. Have a 2.0 Cumulative GPA at HCC and be in good Academic and Financial standing with the college

Please complete these steps to see if you can earn an Associate Degree from HCC:
1. Please submit the Graduation Application for Former HCC Students to or fax 443-518-4589
2. Order official transcript(s) from your current and/or previous institution(s) to be sent to HCC

Once we receive the transcript(s) you will be notified within four weeks if you can graduate with an Associate Degree or if you are missing coursework.