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Howard Community College's Transfer Center (RCF-243) is located in the Office of Admissions and Advising (RCF-242).  The center assists students through the process of transferring to a four-year college or university. 

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Steps to Transferring from HCC to other colleges and universities

Research transfer options.  Use our several online resources including ARTSYS (The Articulation System of Maryland) and CollegeView, visit the Transfer Center in room RCF-243, and participate in our many transfer events and activities.

Go to academic advising each semester.  Your academic advisor will assist you in making the best course selections each semester to help you reach your transfer goal.  For general guidance review our literature found in the Transfer Center (RCF-243), on literature racks found throughout the campus and student publications.

Seek all transfer and related scholarships.  All students must complete the FAFSA Form (Free Application for Student Financial Aid).  Scholarships may be available from the federal and state government, colleges and universities, and a variety of organizations encouraging students to further their education.  The Financial Aid Services Office and your academic advisor will direct you to available opportunities.

Complete all of your applications on time.  Submit admissions, financial aid, and scholarship applications by the posted application deadline dates.  Submit an Official College Transcript from HCC to the transfer institutions you are submitting applications.  You are strongly encouraged to apply to more than one institution.

Continue to give your best effort.  You will be requested to submit a completed transcript which includes your current academic courses, so stay focused!  Once you have received your acceptances, consider each one carefully.  Review your transcript evaluation by the transfer institution.  If you have any questions contact the Transfer Center as well as the admissions office at the transfer institution.  You may wish to visit your first choice institution again, speak to your instructors, academic advisor and family in order to make the best decision possible.

Make your decision.  Notify your chosen transfer institution by the deadline date and relax!  Congratulations on your successful transfer!

Contact us!
Office of Admissions and Advising Transfer Center
Howard Community College — RCF-243
Phone: 443-518-1220
Fax: 443-518-4589

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