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Achieve Your Bachelor's Degree with HCC and Excelsior College

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You’ve worked hard and want to move forward with your college education to finish a college degree.  What if there was an opportunity right in your own community to apply your current college credits and life experience toward that degree?

Howard Community College and Excelsior College have a new unique consortium agreement providing an avenue for HCC students to complete their college degrees at the bachelor’s level.  Excelsior will accept up to 90 credits from HCC, and offers discounted rates on their tuition and fees for participating HCC students.

What is Excelsior College?

Excelsior College is a private, nonprofit educational institution founded in 1971 and located in Albany, NY.  A recognized world leader in online education, Excelsior is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.  Excelsior College Examinations are recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE).  Excelsior provides generous transfer benefits to students who have earned college credits through both traditional and non-traditional avenues, including CLEP and DSST exams, military, and employment experience.  Students may complete the bachelor’s degree program online from home.  They may also test and develop portfolios to validate that they have knowledge and skills in various areas.  A fundamental Excelsior mission is to recognize the numerous and varied educational experiences of adult learners.

What programs are available, and what are the costs?

Students can earn a variety of majors at Excelsior.  Students’ learning programs at HCC do not necessarily need to be the same as their majors at Excelsior.  For a list of Excelsior majors, please click here.  For more information regarding the reduced Excelsior fee schedule for HCC students please click here.

How do I find out more?

Learn more about the HCC-Excelsior consortium through our Excelsior FAQs.  Attend one of the information sessions listed below to learn more about completing your bachelor’s degree with the HCC-Excelsior College partnership.  To sign up for an Excelsior Information Session or to learn more about Excelsior, call us at 443-518-1220 or email the Transfer Center at  Please leave your name and phone number and which information session you plan to attend.   For more information about Excelsior College, click here.

Excelsior Campus Visits