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Be a Teacher and Change the World One Student at a Time

You have dreamed of becoming a classroom teacher; but with a full time job, you have found it impossible to achieve your goal.  What if there was an opportunity where you could continue working and still earn your degree and become a certified teacher? 

Howard Community College, Prince Georges Community College and Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDM) have agreed to provide students a unique pathway to achieving their dream.  After completing the associate’s degree at either of our main campuses or at the Laurel College Center, students may complete the Liberal Studies/Elementary Education program or the Liberal Studies/Elementary Education Special Education Certification at the Laurel College Center through NDM’s Accelerated College. 

What is NDM’s Accelerated College?

The Notre Dame of Maryland University's Accelerated College program is an evening and weekend college (with the exception of the semester of student teaching) for working adults who are seeking to attend classes part-time in order to earn a bachelors.   

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What do the Liberal Studies/Elementary Education program (Option A) and the Liberal Studies/Elementary Education Special Education Certification (Option B) include?

This dual major program includes a balance of liberal arts courses representing a variety of disciplines as well as a planned sequence of professional courses and practical field experiences culminating in an extensive student teaching experience.  Earning the degree in Liberal Studies/Elementary Education will qualify students for the Maryland State Department of Education certification in elementary education (grades 1-8).  Students completing Liberal Studies/Elementary Education Special Education Certification will also qualify for certification in special education (grades 1 - 8).  All graduates will be designated “highly qualified” as required by the “No Child Left Behind” federal mandate.

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What are the academic components of both options of the Liberal Studies/Elementary Education program?

The four primary components are:

  • Education courses which focus on specific subjects and skills needed in the classroom.
  • Field Experience which gives the student the opportunity to learn by doing through actual classroom experience
  • General Education Courses which help students develop critical thinking skills and supplement their knowledge
  • Certifications which will be awarded by the Maryland State Department of Education upon successful completion of the program

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What are the specific features of the NDM Accelerated College Elementary Education program?

Through this part-time evening program students will:

  • take one course at a time; each course runs five to eight weeks
  • select a single evening from 6:00 – 10:00 pm.  This schedule will be followed during the entire time students are attending the program.
  • pay the same tuition rate throughout the entire program
  • know that their class will never be cancelled
  • receive assistance from the CND team consisting of a faculty and staff advisor

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Is there a sample course schedule for a typical Liberal Arts/Elementary Education major?

Yes, please see the sample schedule which is linked to your option below

Liberal Studies/Elementary Education program (Option A)
Liberal Studies/Elementary Education Special Education Certification (Option B) 

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How many students will be in the class?

Typically 20-25 students will become members of a “cohort” or group of students.  Members of the cohort will advance through the program and take the same sequence of classes.   Students will learn together, encourage each other and graduate together.  Students will complete several courses in the same time frame as a traditional semester, completing one course at a time.  Professors using a curriculum emphasizing experiential learning will guide students through the learning process.

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What is my tuition rate at NDM?

The tuition rate will remain the same from the day you enter the cohort until you graduate (while maintaining continuous enrollment).

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Will I be able to transfer my previous academic program into the Teacher Education program?

Yes!  You may be able to transfer a maximum of 64 eligible credits from the community college and a maximum of 90 eligible credits from a four-year institution.  Students transferring approximately 60 academic credits may be able to complete their degree in two and a half years.  Please note that Option B requires additional time, approximately one more semester.   Credits toward life experience may also be applicable to the students’ degree program.

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Are financial aid and scholarships available for NDM Accelerated College students?

Students may be eligible for federal financial aid based on financial need.   Make sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the web at   All students interested in any scholarships, grants and loans at NDM must complete the FAFSA.  To guarantee maximum funding students are encouraged to apply by February 15 and submit all other documents by May 1.

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How may students pay for their courses and when is the payment due?

Students may pay by cash, check, cashier’s check or by Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  Payment plans and tuition vouchers are accepted.   Accelerated college students can enroll in a 12-month tuition payment plan.

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What are the general admission requirements to the Liberal Studies/Elementary Education or Liberal Studies/Elementary Education Special Education Certification program?

  • An earned High School Diploma or GED (scores must total 250 with each section earning a minimum of 50%)
  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher

If cumulative GPA is between 2.0-2.5, students must pass the NDM Adult Placement Exam and submit an Employer/Faculty Recommendation Form.

  • Completion of ENGL-121 or its equivalent with the minimum of a “C” grade
  • A minimum of 1 year full-time relevant work or volunteer experience

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What must students submit to be admitted to NDM’s Liberal Studies/Elementary Education or Liberal Studies/Elementary Education Special Education Certification program?

  • Completed admissions application for the NDM-Accelerated College including a $45.00 application fee.
  • Official high school or GED transcript (required if you have not earned an associates degree)
  • Official (sealed) college transcripts from all colleges previously attended.
    • Pick up or have all sealed transcripts mailed to your home address
    • Bring or mail sealed transcripts to:
                 Accelerated College
                 Notre Dame of Maryland University
                 4701 North Charles Street
                 Baltimore, MD  21210
    • If the school does not allow official transcripts to be sent directly to students, then have official transcripts mailed directly to the Accelerated College

  • NDM placement test results if GPA is between 2.0 and 2.5 and an Employer/Faculty Recommendation Form, if the placement test is passed.
  • Current resume or employer verification letter to document work/volunteer experience.

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What are the recommended computer requirements for NDM Accelerated College?

Platform:  Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, NT
Hardware:  256MB of RAM, IG of free disk space
· Microsoft Office 2003 Professional-including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access (All are available at at an academic discount for students)

· Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free download available at

:  Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape 4.78
Modem:  56K, DSL, or cable access
Note:  JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled

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How can students learn more about NDM’s Liberal Studies/Elementary Education or Liberal Studies/Elementary Education Special Education Certification program?

You may attend an information session held in the Transfer Center at Howard Community College.  If no information sessions are currently being held, you may contact the Transfer Center and/or Notre Dame of Maryland University to speak with an advisor.  Please see below.

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Contact the Transfer Center at or leave a message at 443-518-1220 to register for the above session.  We will return your email or call you upon request.  For more information about Notre Dame of Maryland University see  Notre Dame of Maryland University’s contact person for this program is Mona Weber at