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Honors Partnership between Howard Community College and Dickinson College
For Rouse Scholars and Schoenbrodt Honors Students

Students seeking an opportunity to continue their studies in a vibrant academic environment where they can build relationships with students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the Howard Community College-Dickinson College Honors Partnership.  Dickinson College, building upon their long standing relationship with Howard Community College in the areas of transfer and study abroad, have enhanced this relationship with the creation of an honors partnership between Howard Community College honors students and Dickinson College.  Because of the significant financial aid and scholarship package offered through this partnership, Howard Community College students will have an additional opportunity to earn a Bachelors Degree from a four year private college which may have otherwise been unaffordable. 

Dickinson College, the first college chartered in the newly formed United States is today a thriving liberal arts college of 2,300 students found in Carlisle Pa.  Located two hours north of Washington, DC and west of Philadelphia, Dickinson College is found within the state capital region of Harrisburg, Pa.  

Questions and Answers

Who is eligible to participate in this partnership?

Full time students enrolled in the James W. Rouse Scholars program or the Frederick Schoenbrodt Honors program who maintain a cumulative 3.25 GPA at Howard Community College and plan to earn an Associate’s degree from HCC may apply to Dickinson College through this partnership. 

Why should I choose the Dickinson College Honors Partnership?

  • Prospect of transferring to a nationally recognized liberal arts college as a junior with the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree within two years.
  • Commitment by Dickinson College to provide need based grants, loans and work-study opportunities to eligible students who meet the full demonstrated need.  Outstanding academic scholarships are available to eligible students.
  • Become a world citizen by participating in a nationally ranked global education program which is one of the most extensive in the nation encompassing more than 40 countries found on six continents.
  • Participate in faculty-student research, internships, seminars and numerous service opportunities.
  • Be part of the “green” movement through the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education (one of the first in the nation) which infuses environmental education across the nation.
  • Enhance your classroom experience by choosing from more than 130 clubs and organizations and 23 varsity sports (Dickinson College is a NCAA Division III level college).
  • Join other students who are members of the honors program upon your arrival at Dickinson.  Each student will be guided through their first semester at Dickinson by a staff mentor.

What is the applications process?

  • Students who are interested in pursuing this partnership may begin meeting with an admissions counselor /academic advisor during their first semester at Howard Community College.  Working closely with the HCC advisor and the Dickinson advisor, students will have the opportunity to plan for a seamless transition to Dickinson by maximizing their transferable credits and thus ensuring that they will receive their Bachelor’s degree within four years.  Refer to the graduation requirements outlined by Dickinson to determine appropriate courses for transfer.
  • Interested students will have the opportunity to visit Dickinson College during the fall or spring semester to attend classes and meet with faculty and staff to discuss their academic interests as well as transfer progress.
  • The Dickinson application fee of $65.00 will be waived under this partnership. 

What scholarship and financial aid resources are available?

Each student admitted to Dickinson through this partnership will be considered for the following:

  • $15,000 PTK Scholarship from Dickinson (must have cumulative 3.5 GPA)
  • $10,000 John Montgomery Scholarship
  • $7,500 Founders Scholarship

Scholarship awards will be based on grades, curriculum, and leadership abilities.

  • Each student admitted to Dickinson through this partnership will be eligible for need based grants, loans and work-study programs to meet their full demonstrated need as demonstrated through the College Board’s PROFILE service.  Academic scholarship recipients who demonstrate financial need according to Dickinson’s policies will hold a scholarship as part of the need based financial aid package.
  • Each admitted partnership student who qualifies for academic and/or need based aid will be eligible for up to four semesters of financial aid and scholarships for full time-study and may include one semester in a Dickinson run or Dickinson partner study-abroad program.  On the basis of need, financial aid will be provided for a short-term January or summer-abroad program experience if the student qualifies.

When should a student consider this partnership?

  • After completing 12-15 academic credits, discuss your interest with your academic advisor at Howard Community College.
  • Complete a “Letter of Interest” stating that you are interested in considering the HCC-Dickinson Honors program with your HCC academic advisor.
  • After meeting with your academic advisor, work with your advisor to meet with the Dickinson advisor during their next visit at HCC.
  • Participate in a Dickinson College visit.  During this visit you will have the opportunity to attend classes of interest, speak to Dickinson professors and staff and discuss your preparation for transfer.
  •  After completion of 30-45 credits at HCC, check the Dickinson website regularly and work closely with your HCC advisor and Dickinson contact to review pertinent transfer, admissions, and financial aid information.
  • Meet all admissions and financial aid deadlines as provided by HCC staff for Dickinson College.
  • During your final semester, working with your HCC advisor, complete all necessary paperwork required for graduation from HCC.  Submit your final official transcript to Dickinson College once all grades are posted.

What are the Dickinson admissions and financial aid application deadlines for this partnership?

Term                            Application Deadline              Dickinson Decision     Student Acceptance

Fall Term                     February 1                               April 1                         May 1

Spring Term                October 1                                Nov. 1

How may I find out more about the honors partnership?

Rouse Scholars Contact: 
Jim Robbins at 443-518-4677,
Jane Scott at 443-518-4505,

Schoenbrodt Honors Students Contact:
Sandy Adkins  443-518-4780,


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