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Test Center

Test Center Academic Office Summer Hours

Monday9:30 am - 7:00 pm
Tuesday12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Wednesday9:30 am - 7:00 pm
Thursday9:30 am - 7:00 pm
Friday9:30 am - 3:00 pm

The Test Center administers exams for all online courses. Instructors may arrange testing for students needing to take makeup exams for traditional courses, as well as those requiring extended time or modified conditions due to learning disabilities, physical handicaps, or test anxiety. The Test Center is not a proctoring site for traditional courses. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the Director of Testing.


The Test Center is located on the third floor in the Rouse Company Foundation Student Services Hall. RCF-359 can seat 55 students at desks. RCF-366 accommodates 27 students at computers that may be reserved for computerized placement testing.

Academic testing is offered on a walk-in basis during the scheduled hours of operation. Test Center hours are strictly enforced. Students are responsible for allotting time to complete tests before closing time.

A Test Center schedule is distributed to faculty members at the start of each semester.  You will be notified via e-mail of major schedule changes. Students are also advised to check the schedule on the door in RCF-359. Emergency schedule changes and reminders of scheduled closings are posted there as well.

Submitting Tests to be Filed in the Test Center 

Click Here to open a Test Information Form

Please note -For your convenience the Test Center accepts test information forms via email.  Due to limited resources, the Test Center can only print out ONE copy of a paper-based test. See below for more information.

Online Exams: Online exams requiring password only for multiple students can be submitted via email. Include a roster if applicable. Those online exams with paper components for multiple students must provide multiple copies of the test to the Test Center.

Paper-based Exams: Test Center will only print ONE copy of paper-based exams sent via email request. If you have an exam for one student, please fill out the test information form and attach an electronic copy of the exam. If you have multiple students taking a paper-based exam, please drop off your exam to the Test Center or have your Division Representative deliver your tests to us. We will not accept exams through the inter-departmental mail.

Important Reminders:

  • You must provide hard copies of the test and the completed test information form, as well as any materials needed such as scantrons or blue books.
  • You must provide a hard copy of the test for each student being tested.
  • You must provide two copies of the test information form - if only one copy is provided it will be retained by the test center.
  • Please turn in exams and test information forms at least two days before the first date of administration date to ensure your exam is processed in time to administer your exam.
  • Make sure to fill out ALL of the GRAY areas on the test information form. Double check to make sure there are no errors to avoid administration issues on testing day. 
  • Please ensure to include accurate contact information for questions regarding your exam.
  • Test information forms filled out incorrectly, that prevent the administration of the exam, will be returned to the division 24 hours after initial contact of the professor.                       

Click here for Faculty Handbook 

Test Information Forms are available online and in the Division Offices and the Test Center. To assist Test Center personnel in administering your tests efficiently and fairly, and to help ensure that your students' tests are returned without delay, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Faculty names should appear on every student test sheet filed in the Test Center. With many instructors teaching the same course (sometimes using the same exam), accuracy in returning completed exams is a major concern. Having faculty names on exams greatly facilitates the return of exams to the correct instructor.
  2. A Test Information Form must accompany each test put on file. (Note: multiple copies of the same test may be submitted with one form, additional copies may be added to the file without a separate form).
  3. Be sure your form includes a completion date. Tests will be administered to students until closing time on the completion date, unless you indicate an earlier time restriction (i.e. 10/4 by 2:30 p.m.).
  4. List names of students to be tested. If you have many students to be tested, please submit a copy of the class roster. Please do not indicate “any who ask” on the form.
  5. Include enough tests, scantrons, bluebooks, disks, and other materials to service your students sufficiently.  
  6. Use the "Additional Materials Needed" section of the Test Request Form to list whether calculators, note cards, formula sheets, periodic charts, outlines, etc. are permitted. All instructors do not have the same restrictions for the same course. We do not want to deprive students of permitted aids, nor do we want to allow aids that you would not permit.
  7. All tests must be held for instructor pick-up or sent to an academic division office.

Test Drop-Off and Pick-up

  • Tests may be dropped off daily during general business hours at the front counter of the Test Center in RCF-359. Please use RCF-366 during Midterms and Finals.
  • Completed tests should be picked up daily by the division office.
  • Instructors may ask via the test request form, that their test be held at the test center for pick up.
  • Due to required Test Center coverage, staff is unable to deliver or pickup tests from division offices.
  • Under no circumstances may tests be sent via inter-office mail or students regardless of the type of test.

E-Learning Test Requests

Click HERE to submit an E-Learning Approval and Administration form.

Special Requests

The Test Center staff is here to help provide the best alternative-testing accommodations for all faculty and students. Please feel free to contact Zakia Johnson, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. with any problems or concerns that might arise, and we will work with you to find solutions. Daytime or evening, the Test Center staff looks forward to working with you.

Academic Honesty/Testing Irregularities

The Student Conduct Code is described in detail in the Student Handbook. All regulations and policies are strictly enforced in the Test Center. If we directly observe any instance of academic dishonesty, we take the student aside and explain that testing will be terminated because of what we have observed. We explain that the test, any unauthorized materials, and documentation of our observations will be turned over to the instructor, who will decide how the matter will be handled. We advise the student to discuss the situation with the instructor responsible for the test.

The Test Center staff is aware that there are many pressures on students in a testing situation, and that any accusations of cheating can have serious academic, psychological and legal ramifications. Therefore, it is our policy never to accuse a student of cheating or speculate on the likely outcome of the "incident". We are aware that it may be necessary for the student to test in the Test Center on other occasions, and it is important that the student feel comfortable about doing so.

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