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Test Center
Howard Community College understands that there are students that take classes at HCC who may need to take their exams off-site at an alternate testing location.  In an effort to accommodate our students who live out of the area, the Test Center at Howard Community College has implemented procedures to ensure that the needs of our E-Learning students are met. 

Procedure for E-Learning Requests and Student Responsibilities

1.  The students are responsible for locating and obtaining contact information for a Test Center at a community college, university or college, or military base. We recommend that the student(s) use to find an alternate testing location.

2.  Once students have located a testing location, they are highly encouraged to obtain the following information:  Proctor name, Test Center name, Test Center address, e-mail address for the proctor or Test Center, hours of operation, Test Center phone number, and Test Center fax number.

3.  Students are then required to contact his/her professor(s).  Some professors prefer to send their test directly to the alternate testing location. If the professor(s) agrees to send the test directly, students must pass on the obtained information to the professor(s).

4.  If your professor prefers to have the HCC Test Center send the exam(s) to the alternate testing location, please fill out the E-Learning Examination Request Form and remind your professor to approve your request by completing an approval form online.

Students need to fill out one request form per class per semester.  If you experience any technical difficulties completing the online form, please contact the Test Center at 443-518-1280.

Click here for the E-Learning Examination Request Form 

Please note:  Test Center staff will not process any test request until we have received the completed E-Learning Examination Request Form and the professor's approval.

5.  Once we have received all of the required information, students will receive a confirmation e-mail and the request will be processed.

6.  Then the student must contact the Test Center ONE WEEK before testing with the following information: test title (ex. Exam 1), test range (ex. March 9-March 13), and date and time the student plans to test at the alternate test location.

If the Test Center is not contacted ONE WEEK in advance with the information requested, we cannot guarantee the test will be delivered on time for your scheduled appointment time.

7.  Students will receive a confirmation e-mail stating his/her exam(s) have been sent to the alternate testing location.

8.  Students are responsible for any fees charged by the approved alternate testing location for proctoring services.

Please feel free to contact the Test Center at if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to know the status of your E-Learning test request.


  • Test Center Announcments
  • The Test Center will close at 5PM on Thursday, July 2, 2015 and will be closed on July 3, 2015 in observance of Independence Day. 

  • Summer hours begin on May 26, 2015.  Academic hours are as follows: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 9:30AM-7:00PM; Tuesdays 12:00PM-7:00PM and Fridays 9:30AM-3:00PM.  Placement hours are as follows: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 9:00AM-6:00PM; Tuesdays 1:00PM-6:00PM and Fridays 9:00AM-3:00PM. All Math Retests must be started by 5:00PM

  • The Test Center will be open early (9:00am) on July 7, 2015 for Placement Testing.

  • Due to construction, make sure to leave yourself enough time to find parking!  We want to make sure you have the full time to complete your test, so please plan on up to an hour to find parking and arrive at the Test Center.  Click here to learn about parking options and our Dragon Wagon Shuttle!
  • Contact Us
  • Location: Rouse Company Foundation Student Services Building - Third Floor - Room 359 and Room 366
    Phone: 443-518-1280